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How to Capture Scrolling Screenshot Windows 10/11


You won’t use the standard shortcuts of “PrtSc,” “Alt+PrtSc,” “Win+PrtSc,” or “Fn+PrtSc” to capture screenshots in Windows 10 or 11. These techniques are ineffective when applied to scrolling screenshots of a website, document, or Word file. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

The ability to take a scrolling screenshot on a Windows 10/11 computer, laptop, or desktop is no longer a myth.

There are several options for taking a screenshot in Windows 10. You can snap a screenshot by pressing Ctrl + PRTSC or Fn + PRTSC, for instance. The Snipping Tool is a built-in feature of Windows 10 that allows you to capture a window or even a pop-up menu. Windows do not have a scrolling screenshot feature, so even if you use one of the many built-in methods to take a screenshot, you will only be able to capture the content that fits within the browser’s viewing area or the complete screen.

While screenshots have their uses, what if you could snap a picture of an entire website or document in Word without having to navigate around? This article will show you the best methods for capturing scrolling screenshots on a Windows computer.

A third-party program is required on Windows if you want to take a snapshot of a scrolling document, webpage, or other content. The first thing you’ll need to do is find the app you wish to utilize and download it.

To take a full-screen screenshot of Windows, follow the steps below:

  • Achieve the desired effect by pressing Ctrl + Alt + PRTSC simultaneously and holding them down.
  • To choose an area, you must first press and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse inside the scrolling window.
  • When you let off the mouse button, you’ll notice a gradual auto-scroll.
  • How to take a scrolling screenshot is discussed in greater depth below.

5 Applications to Capture Scrolling Screenshots Windows

Even if you’re not on a website, you can still snap scrolling screenshots with the help of a third-party tool. This includes applications like Microsoft Word, games, and more.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 applications for Windows 10 that may be used to capture scrolling screenshots:

1. ShareX 

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

To snap full-screen scrolling screenshots, ShareX is an excellent choice.

Due to its widespread use in capturing gameplay images, ShareX is likely familiar to you if you’re a gamer. ShareX is the most popular alternative program for screen capture, and it can also capture windows.

You can easily record or capture your screen with ShareX, a free and open-source tool that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The screenshot or recording can be easily shared with the press of a single key. When it comes to Windows, is one of the more dependable tools for capturing scrolling screenshots.

ShareX’s powerful screen-capturing capabilities have made it a popular choice among gamers for taking scrolling screenshots. ShareX’s primary features include a wide variety of capture types and editing options, including video capture, scrolling screen capture, GIFs, region-select, and workflows.

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2. PicPick

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

You may take a snapshot of a scrolling page with PickPick, which is one of the best tools available.

PicPick is advertised as a universal solution for capturing a snapshot of a scrolling screen, used by anyone at home or in the workplace. In addition to taking screenshots, it also serves as a color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, whiteboard, protractor, crosshair, and intuitive image editor. For domestic use, it is widely regarded as the best option.

PicPick’s strongest feature is probably because it’s free for non-commercial usage while yet having many useful tools that are only available in more expensive alternatives. The functionality to record the entire display while it scrolls is included in this.

Window control, Fullscreen, Active Window, Scrolling Window, Fixed Region, Region, and FreeHand are just some of the PicPick screen capture options available. A variety of situations can be catered to by these features, allowing you to create the perfect screenshots.

Here’s how to take a screenshot of a scrolling page using PicPick’s capture menu:

  • Achieve the desired effect by pressing Ctrl + Alt + PRTSC simultaneously and holding them down.
  • A red square or rectangle will show up.
  • Currently, you should left-click the mouse and hold it there.
  • The next step is to make a selection by dragging the mouse inside the scrolling window.
  • Now that you’ve clicked and held, a slow auto-scroll will begin whenever you release the mouse.
  • Your full window will be captured in this manner.
  • The whole thing ought to be over in a flash.
  • Your newly captured scrolling screenshots can then be customized and shared in any way you see fit.


how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

Screenpresso screen capture is another excellent option for recording and saving screenshots and videos of whatever is displayed on your computer’s screen. A screenshot can be annotated or edited before being sent to anyone. The screenshot folder is where you’ll find your full-page or extended screenshots.

The free edition of Screenpresso is useful for anyone who would rather not pay, such as casual users or those working from home. The software is lightweight and requires little space once installed.

Also, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, you won’t have any trouble utilizing Screenpresso to capture images from your screen, including scrolling screenshots. Simply download and install SreenPresso on your Windows machine, then position your cursor such that it grabs the screenshots tool (often located at the top center of your screen) to take a scrolling screenshot.

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4. Snagit

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

Snagit is a widely used screen capture tool, video recorder, and screenshot tool. Technically speaking, TechSmith made and sold it. It has a cleaner and more concentrated user interface than PicPicks. In addition, it was created as a user-friendly image editor.

Snagit allows you to easily take screenshots of your computer screen, record video of your screen actions, make visual guides, and share your findings with others. Compared to PicPick, Snagit’s image-editing features are vastly more advanced.

However, Snagit requires a premium license, which may be purchased for $50. For Windows users who want to snap scrolling screenshots on their own, this can be a significant hurdle.

Although Snagit was originally developed primarily for Windows, the most recent versions are also compatible with macOS. But these macOS releases can be lacking in key areas.

5. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is a cutting-edge program that allows for extensive personalization while taking screenshots and editing images. Having access to ten different screenshot modes makes this application very user-friendly. Some of the screenshot modes it supports are Scrolling screenshots, active window capture, Freehand, Menu, and more.

The scrolling Window capture mode allows you to record an entire visible window, browser, or webpage, along with any hidden components. It also includes a “Task Scheduler” that lets you set up Windows to take automatic scrolling screenshots whenever the software detects activity.

The program’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to access its various tools, such as screen capture, screen scrolling, and screen recording. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro’s user-friendly design makes it a breeze to make use of all of the program’s capabilities.

Final thoughts

We think that these programs, including Windows 10, allow you to take automatic screenshots in Windows (scrolling capture). Visit our resource center and don’t be shy about contacting our round-the-clock support staff if you have any more questions or concerns. To read more helpful pieces about efficiency and cutting-edge tools, please visit us again.

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