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Simple Instructions for Ending Your Hulu Membership Are Provided Here!


Do you find it hard to get excited about anything on Hulu? If this is the case, you can discontinue sending in your monthly subscription dues.

If you’ve had enough of Hulu, you may cancel your membership in a number of different ways, depending on the platform you’re using. What you need to do will change based on the type of device you’re using and how you initially subscribed.

You can cancel your Hulu subscription in three different ways: via your computer, your iOS device, or your Android device. Look at them down here:

Android Hulu Cancellation Instructions

Simple instructions for ending your Hulu membership are provided here.

Within the Hulu app for Android, users have the option to cancel their subscriptions.

1. Launch the Hulu app and tap the profile icon in the app’s settings menu.

2. If you scroll to the very bottom of your account page, you’ll notice the option to cancel your subscription.

3. If you’ve decided to terminate your Hulu membership, click the Cancel button and follow the instructions.

4. Lastly, before cancelling, it may inquire as to why you’re cancelling.

Even after cancelling, a user’s Hulu subscription will remain active until the end of the current monthly cycle.

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iOS Hulu Cancellation Instructions

Simple instructions for ending your Hulu membership are provided here.

Here are the steps you need to do on an Apple device to terminate your Hulu membership:

1. Unfortunately, you can’t terminate your Hulu membership using the mobile app. However, if you use Safari or your mobile browser, you can accomplish the same thing.

2. Alternatively, you can access the subscription management page directly from your device. Choose Apple ID > Settings.

3. Select Hulu Plus from the list of subscriptions by tapping the Subscriptions icon.

4. To cancel your Hulu account, go to your account page, click Cancel, and then confirm the termination.

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Desktop Hulu Cancellation Instructions

Simple instructions for ending your Hulu membership are provided here.

Depending on the gadget you’re using, you can terminate your Hulu membership in a number of ways.

1. To access your Hulu account, launch a new tab or window and enter your login details.

2. In the upper right, you’ll see a profile link.

3. Choose Account from the drop-down option to access the Manage Your Account screen.

4. When you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a link to pause or cancel your subscription.

5. Go to the Account Settings menu and choose to Cancel Your Subscription. If you want to cancel your Hulu membership, you can do so at this time, or you can choose to pause it for a time of your choosing.

6. On the final screen before you confirm the cancellation, you’ll be asked to give a reason for cancelling. To proceed, click on one of the following options.

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The Cable Company Cancellation Process for Hulu

Hulu can be subscribed to separately from your regular services with some phone and cable companies. If you have Hulu through one of these services, you must cancel your Hulu subscription using that service’s account management page. Simply cancel your service by logging into your account online or calling the provider.

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