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Google Chat: How Can We Use It-Check All Details

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Google Chat will be available to everyone in October 2020. Since then, people have been able to continue using Hangouts or upgrade to Google Chat, which is available as a separate app or integrated into Gmail. Now that we’ve made significant progress toward helping existing Hangouts users switch over to Chat, we’re taking steps to assist them in making the switch.

Collaborating in A More Efficient Manner

A switch to Google Chat allows for a wide range of new and improved ways to communicate and collaborate. With side-by-side editing, users can work on documents at the same time as they talk, making it easier for everyone to work together.

Additionally, Google Chat has a feature called Spaces, which allows users to collaborate on specific topics. From a single location, teams can collaborate on documents as well as manage files and tasks in real-time. The new Gmail integrated view makes it easier to use Chat alongside your Gmail inbox, Spaces, and Meet.

Express Your Thoughts and Feelings.

Using emojis with skin-tone selections, rich text editing to give your chats emphasis, @mentions to notify someone in the group, or sending a GIF are all fun ways to express yourself in Chat. Everyone can now contribute in their own unique way.

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Switching to Chat from Hangouts

You will see an in-app screen urging you to switch to Gmail Chat or the Chat app when using Hangouts on mobile devices starting today. In a similar vein, users of the Hangouts Chrome extension will be prompted to switch to Chat on the web or download the Chat web app. Users of Hangouts in Gmail on the web will be able to switch to Chat in Gmail starting in July.

As a reminder, Hangouts on the web will remain available until later this year. About one month before Hangouts on the web begins redirecting to Chat on the web, users will see an in-product announcement.

It’s easy to pick up where you left off when you switch from Hangouts to Chat for most people. Those who wish to preserve their Hangouts data before it is no longer available in November 2022 are encouraged to use Google Takeout and follow these instructions to do so using Google Takeout. More information about the differences between Chat and Hangouts, as well as when and how to migrate your Hangout data, can be found in the Help Center.

Chat’s Future


In Google Workspace, Google Chat provides a modern and integrated experience. The future of Chat is bright and we’ll be adding more features like direct calling, in-line threading in Spaces, and the ability to share and view multiple images over the next few months.

After this final push, we’re confident that users will appreciate our continued efforts to make Hangouts a powerful platform for communication and collaboration.

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On Android and the desktop, Google Chat is now in an early preview. You can try out Google Chat’s features and functionality by enabling it in your Gmail settings. In Gmail settings, you may not be able to switch back to the old version of Hangouts.

As with classic Hangouts, you can message an individual or a group in Google Chat. In Gmail, you can access Google Chat. Apps for Android, iOS, and desktop are also available for Google Chat.

You can provide feedback in Google Chat or Gmail to help us improve.


Enter Your Gmail or Google Chat Username and Password to Continue.

Google Chat or Gmail can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
Go to the app’s home screen.
To send and receive messages, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account.

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