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What is gimkit ? The Price of Gimkit and Many More Updates!


Gimkit is a digital quiz gaming platform that teachers and students can use to study. This is true for both in-class and at-home studies.

Gimkit was born out of a high school project by a student. He built an app that he believed he’d like to use in class because he considered game-based learning to be particularly interesting.

The current, highly polished, and well-presented version of that project is an app that provides quiz-based learning in a variety of ways, with more games on the way to provide even more opportunities to interact. It’s a fun way to learn, but will it be effective for you?

What are the best aspects of Gimkit?


KitCollab mode in Gimkit allows students to collaborate with the teacher on the quiz before the game begins. This is especially beneficial when the class is divided into groups and the task of coming up with genuinely difficult but helpful questions benefits everyone.

Kits, as the quiz games are known, can be made from scratch, imported from Quizlet, imported as a CSV file, or selected from the platform’s own gallery, where you can customize them for your needs.

In-game credits are a terrific technique to keep pupils interested in the game. This virtual cash is given for each successful answer. However, getting the wrong response will cost you dearly. These credits can be spent to purchase score-boosting power-ups and other improvements.

Millions of combinations enable pupils to play to their strengths and develop their own unique profiles. Power-ups might give you a second chance or increase your earning potential with each right answer.

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There are already over 10 games accessible, with more on the way to bring even more realism to the quizzes. Humans vs. Zombies, The Floor Is Lava, and Trust No One is among them (a detective-style game)

While live games are fantastic for class, being able to offer student-paced work is ideal for homework. A deadline can still be established, but the student must decide when it is completed. Assignments are graded automatically.

Teachers can examine student progress, earnings, and other formative data on their dashboards to help them decide what to work on next. One fantastic advantage is that student’s performance in a game is measured separately from their academic proficiency in the task. Ideal for people who know the answers but struggle with gameplay.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Gimkit


  • Join Gimkit
  • Find Your College
  • Make a new kit.
  • Question
  • Complete Kit
  • Select a Game Mode.
  • Set Your Game Options
  • Enter the code and start playing!

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What is the price of Gimkit?

Gimkit is free to use at first, but there is a five-student limit for every game.

Gimkit Pro is $9.99 per month or $59.98 per year. This gives you full access to all modes, as well as the ability to create assignments (which can be played asynchronously) and submit music and images to your kits.

Gimkit’s best hints and tips

KitCollaborate on the class

Build a quiz with the class using the KitCollab tool, but make sure everyone submits a question they don’t know the answer to, so everyone learns something new.

Class pre-test

Use Gimkit as a tool for formative assessment. Before you prepare how you want to teach the class, create pre-tests to determine how well students know the subject.

Free groups

Use the whiteboard to project the game for a class-wide effort to get around the pay restriction constraints.

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GimKit is a fantastic classroom tool. Its user-friendly interface allows students to quickly construct a “Kit” (quiz) and interact with others. Educators can also log in to their accounts to view the quizzes.

While no personal information is necessary, the questions are intended to aid students in learning and mastering ideas. The GimKit’s capacity to collaborate is one of its most appealing features.

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