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Free Trial Hbo Max: Is It Possible to Acquire a Free Trial of Hbo Max Right Now?


Warner Bros. is launching a new streaming service called HBO Max in 2020. When the epidemic first broke out, HBO Max quickly garnered a large following due to the fact that every 2021 Warner Bros. movie was available on the platform the same day it was released in theatres. More than 73 million people now subscribe to HBO Max (and counting).

On HBO Max, what to watch

For those who enjoy both movies and television, HBO Max’s streaming library has a wide variety of content to choose from. The second season of The Flight Attendant, Julia, Chad, Tokyo Vice, and Degrassi: The Next Generation, as well as films like The Batman, Black Mass, and The Forever Purge, are all new to HBO Max this month.

Winning Time, Minx, Euphoria, A Black Lady Sketch Show, And Just Like That, Gossip Girl Station Eleven The Fallout Peacemaker The White Lotus Raised by Wolves Landscapers, and more HBO and HBO Max originals can be streamed on the platform as well.

Aside from those two series, HBO Max features a slew of other family-friendly and kid-friendly fare, including Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Real Time with Bill Maher, and a slew of other iconic sitcoms including The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Friends.

Is there a free trial for HBO Max?

free trial hbo max

Unfortunately, there are no free trials available for HBO Max, but the streaming behemoth has previously announced promotions like the 20% discount from January. Although HBO Max may announce another streaming deal at any time, there are methods to obtain HBO Max for free in the meantime.

HBO Max may already be included in your cable package or another subscription of yours. Check if you have access to HBO Max by clicking here if you are unsure. Hulu, Verizon, Direct TV Stream, and AT&T Unlimited all offer a free trial of HBO Max.

After a seven-day free trial, Hulu members can add HBO Max as an additional channel for $14.99 a month (in addition to Hulu’s $6.99 monthly subscription).
Another way to get a one-week free trial? For a limited time, Verizon customers may watch seven days of HBO Max for free. Depending on your plan, you may be able to get HBO Max for free with Direct TV Stream.

Direct TV Stream is currently offering a $10 discount on all of its monthly plans (a savings of $30 over the course of three months). If you want to take advantage of this offer, you have until Saturday (April 30) to do so.

At $79.99 a month (regularly $89.99), the Direct TV Stream’s Choice plan gives you access to 90+ live channels and local TV stations in addition to 45,000 on-demand options, as well as unlimited cloud DVR recording for the first three months of your subscription.

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Is it possible to acquire a free trial of HBO Max right now?

free trial hbo max

HBO Max does not offer a free trial at this time, although it does provide a similar service in the future (more on that below). Prior to the December 2020 release of Wonder Woman 1984 and HBO’s subsequent decision to have day-and-and-date debuts for all of Warner Bros.’ movies in 2021, the original 7-day free trial of HBO Max vanished. Godzilla vs. Kong and The Suicide Squad were among the high-profile titles on the list, as were Dune and The Matrix.

There is a good chance that HBO Max’s executives understood that people would join up for the service for the free trial period and subsequently cancel their subscriptions to save money.

HBO Max eventually added a $9.99 ad-supported subscription option, however that does not include access to newly released theatrical releases from HBO’s library.

During the May 2021 debut of HBO Max in Latin America, new customers were given a free trial. When the platform started in October 2021, it did not feature a free trial; instead, new customers were offered a lifetime subscription for half price.

HBO Max’s free trial may yet be renewed in the United States or other countries at some point in the near future. Providing a free trial to new members may be an effective way for a service to gain exposure for a high-profile premiere or addition to their library.

There are still a few methods to receive a free HBO Max trial right now. HBO Max is complimentary for some AT&T mobile subscribers with specific plans.
With Hulu, you can obtain a seven-day free trial; with Roku, you get 30 days!

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The Free Content on Hbo Max

What if you don’t want to shell out for HBO Max but still want to try out its offerings? HBO Max, on the other hand, offers a sort of free trial. First episodes of select Max Originals and HBO Originals can be viewed for free by downloading the app or visiting opens in a new tab). HBO’s premium service, HBO Max, is introducing new content on a regular basis.

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