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Free Fire Diamonds at Codashop in India, How To Get Free Diamonds at Codashop


According to Codashop, diamonds are one of the most costly in-game items in Free Fire. As the game’s currency, it’s essential.

Garena Free Fire frequently organizes and participates in a wide range of events and collaborations. As a result, the price of in-game goods is always rising.

reward-hungry gamers seek this resource. In the meantime, other unaffiliated websites promote free diamond prizes. Codashop is one of them.

We’ll examine whether or not it’s legal here. To learn more about how to hack Free Fire Unlimited diamonds, read on.

At The Indian Codashop, How can players replenish their supply of Free Fire Diamonds?

codashop free fire india

Codashop, one of the most trusted top-up services, gives gamers a wide variety of in-game currencies, including Free Fire diamonds.

Diamonds can be obtained by submitting a player’s Player ID. Codashop in India can be used to top up Free Fire diamonds by following the methods below:

  • The first step is to go to Codashop’s official website and register an account. Players can do so by clicking the link below.
  • They must then choose the “Free Fire” option in the second step. A number of add-on options will be displayed on the screen.
  • They’ll then have to decide how many diamonds they want to buy and how they want to pay for them.
  • Once the transaction has been completed successfully, the diamonds will be added to the players’ accounts.

On Codashop, there are a variety of promotions that give players a better deal frequently. PayTM, UPI and Netbanking are the current payment options for Indian users.

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Learn how to get free diamonds in Codashop Free Fire and make sure it is legal using the information provided.

codashop free fire india

Visit get started, go to After that, they’ll need to input their Fire Fire ID to proceed. Afterward, the number of gems they want to acquire must be entered. Finally, consumers are able to add the diamonds to their shopping basket and proceed to the final step of the purchase process.

However, it is a third-party site. As a result, this method of diamond acquisition is vastly different from any other.

Such third-party websites claim to offer free in-game currency. It is true, however, that most games have their own set of rules. It’s a sham and a violation of the law.

This type of behavior is not permitted under the rules and should be avoided by all participants. The accounts could also be permanently deleted by Garena.

It’s common for players to get their hands on new products via Elite Passes, Updates, and Events. Those rewards are only available if they have a large enough collection of diamonds.

Those who are looking for diamonds online are motivated by this. Many unaffiliated websites advertise the provision of free diamonds to players while they wait. Logging in using a website account is the only way for users to access the system.

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Options for topping up your Codashop account

Codashop’s top-up options include the following:

  • A diamond ring worth 40 to 50 Indian rupees
  • INR 80-100 Diamonds 240-310 Diamonds
  • Diamonds cost between 400 and 520 Indian rupees.
  • Rs. 850 to Rs. 1,060 per carat
  • Diamonds range from 1600 to 2180 INR to 4000 to 5600 INR.
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