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How to Reset Your Apple Id Password


The Apple ID and password are extremely valuable to Apple consumers. Neither of these pieces of information is required to use iCloud or iMessage, but without them, you will be unable to use them. New iPhones and MacBooks can be set up with the assistance of an Apple ID and password.

You may not be able to use your Apple device or any of Apple’s services if you have forgotten your Apple ID password (and aren’t using a password manager). If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password, resetting it could be the solution.

A new Apple ID password is simple to implement with the instructions provided below.

Reset your Apple ID password with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

forgot apple id password

Considering that Statista, a company specializing in consumer data, estimates that iPhone sales constituted around half of Apple’s revenue in 2021, that’s where we’ll begin. Password reset procedures for an iPhone also apply to an iPad and Apple Watch. The steps are as follows.

1. Proceed to the Preferences menu.

2. Click on the name.

3. Select the Security and Passwords option.

4. Select Modify Password.

Just follow the on-screen prompts and you’ll be good to go. Not too hard, huh?

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Resetting your Apple ID password from a Mac device

Resetting your Apple ID password is another option available from your MacBook or iMac. The steps are as follows.

1. To access your system preferences, select the Apple menu (located in the upper left corner of your screen).

2. To sign in with Apple ID, click here.

3. Select the Login/Password/Security tab.

4. Select Password > Change…

The on-screen instructions will guide you through the rest of the password change process.

Reset your Apple ID password on a new device

forgot apple id password

There’s no need to stress if you can’t remember your Apple ID password while setting up a new Apple device because you can simply enter your email address instead. The steps to reset your password while installing are outlined below.

1. Choose “Forgot Apple ID or Password” when prompted to do so while setting up your iPhone. wherever feasible when alternatives exist.

2. Complete the initial setup.

3. When the setup process is finished, open an app that requires you to sign in with your Apple ids, such as Messages on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. So, if you have a Mac, just do what was said above.

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Resetting your Apple ID password without an Apple device

You have a couple of options if you’ve abandoned Apple products but still require access to your Apple ID. You can either use someone else’s Apple device, such as a friend’s or relative’s or use a device purchased from Apple itself, such as in a retail store. However, you cannot replicate these steps. How to update your Apple ID password from a public computer.

1. Throw open Apple’s Help app. The Apple Support app is also available for free in the App Store.

2. Navigate to Preferences > Passwords & Security.

3. Choose to Reset Your Apple ID Password.

4. The option to begin can be found by clicking Get Started.

5. Change to a new Apple ID.

6. After signing in with your Apple ID, continue with the on-screen instructions.

7. Please remember to log out once you have successfully changed your password. Someone else seeing your profile is the last thing you want.

Reset your Apple ID password from the web

If you’ve exhausted all other options, you can reset your Apple ID password on Apple’s website. Apple, however, cautions that this approach could take more time than the others presented here. If everything else fails, though, you can reset your Apple ID password by going to and following the on-screen instructions.

Keep in mind that if you change your Apple ID password on one device, you’ll need to re-log into all of your other devices with the new password. Log back into everything now while your new password is still fresh in your mind to save the hassle of having to reset everything in three days’ time.

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