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Details on How to Get FM Whats App V8.25 for Android, Along Its Features


This article will introduce you to another WhatsApp MOD developed by Fouad Mokdad, the man behind the widely-used Fouad WhatsApp.

Here you can get FM WhatsApp APK v8.25 and learn how to install it on your phone. FM WhatsApp is a new MOD for WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp can be installed on Android smartphones with or without root access.

FM WhatsApp is a modified app that uses material design. It comes with an abundance of options, such as the ability to alter aesthetics and privacy settings. FMWhatsApp for Android users has a lot of features, including a chat lock, an app lock, and the ability to customize tick styles.

Explain FM Whatsapp

fm whatsapp v8.25 download

A material-styled add-on with a plethora of features (theme support, font and icon customization, an app lock, chat encryption, and more)!

A product-based mod with a plethora of features like skins, type changes, an app pad hair, conversation locks, privacy tweaks, and more!

FMWhatsApp v8.25’s Features

  • Options for Permitting a 5-Minute Condition/Story
  • It’s your call to raise the forward limit to 250! In place of “5”
  • the possibility of better Erase notice alerts (erase for everyone)
  • Discreet conversations can be overheard by checking the “calls” tab.
  • Locale de résidence
  • Revoke the ban on alerts
  • Take into account what is seen while also preserving an erroneous condition/story.
  • Some phones have black ticks instead of blue ones.
  • Homepage text message flickers and jumps
  • An absence of emojis is something that older emojis have missed out on.
  • Message Condition does not display the font style design
  • The IG Statuses Accidental Design
  • Instagram‘s problematic picture-posting history design
  • Additional work on bug fixes and enhancements

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FM WhatsApp v8.25 APK Download for Android

fm whatsapp v8.25 download

Save the FM WhatsApp APK file to your phone’s storage, be it the internal memory or an external SD card, and follow the steps:

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  1. Click “Settings” > “Security” and toggle “Unknown Sources” on.
  2. Find the FM WhatsApp APK in your file manager of choice.
  3. Open up FM WhatsApp by navigating to your app drawer.
  4. Similar to the original WhatsApp, you’ll need to register your phone number. Use one-time password verification.
  5. To sum up, that is everything. Have fun using FM WhatsApp’s fantastic functions on your Android device.
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