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Fitbit Inspire 2 Review: Things You Need to Know


Unlike the first Fitbit Inspire, which came in both a regular and heart rate monitoring variant, the new Inspire 2 includes a built-in heart rate monitor as standard.

Given that Apple Health now keeps an eye on everything from sleep to menstruation, it’s probably a good thing too. The Inspire 2’s heart rate monitor gives you more information about the benefits of your workout and your overall health than even the most flashy of pedometers.

Athletes rely heavily on heart rate monitors because they provide instantaneous feedback on exertion levels, allowing them to pace themselves or maintain a consistent intensity level during workouts. It’s just as handy for the less competitive too and has earned a position in our thorough guides to both the best Fitbits and the best fitness trackers.

Fitbit Inspire 2: Price and Availability

fitbit inspire 2

On its first launch, the Fitbit Inspire 2 sold for roughly $100, but the price has subsequently dropped dramatically. Because of sales events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, it’s a popular discounted item at a terrific price, especially when you include in the free Fitbit Premium membership for a year.

Fitbit Inspire 2: Fitness Tracking

fitbit inspire 2

Not only can you check your step count, distance, and burned calories right on your wrist, but you can also access this information at any time via a dedicated page on your mobile device. The Inspire 2 can intelligently recognise more than 20 different types of daily activities, like walking, swimming, cycling, kicking a ball around, and more.

However, although it features an accelerometer, the Fitbit Inspire 2 doesn’t include in-built GPS tracking. If your phone is set to automatically share its position with your Bluetooth turned off, it may mistake your brisk stroll for a ride on your bike. The good news is that reclassifying an incorrectly labelled action within the app is a breeze.

The app allows users to create shortcuts to six of the pre-listed sports on the device. If you choose one before you begin, the Fitbit will be able to record your entire workout and provide you with helpful feedback as you go, such as your rep count or pace.

The Inspire 2 has a small face, so you’ll probably spend a lot of time staring at it while you attempt to avoid running into things, even though it can perform numerous activities typically associated with a sports watch.

The situation improves, though, after you return home and analyse the collected data on the app. If you’ve gone for a run, for instance, the app will show you your route, your pace, and your heart rate, all superimposed on a map and a time chart, so you can see just how hard you’ve been working at any one time.

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Fitbit Inspire 2: Performance

fitbit inspire 2

In addition to monitoring heart rate, counting is one of Inspire 2’s most important functions. Steps, star jumps, push-ups, it’ll keep a diary of every action you make, or lead you through set routines. Adjustable or not, it will occasionally vibrate and set out digital fireworks to motivate you to get off your behind and start the day off right.

It’s the perfect workout partner because it motivates you to go for a walk during lunch, perform some stretches, or jog for an additional five minutes. However, there are occasions when being reminded that your daily steps total only the distance between your bedroom, office, and kitchen might be discouraging.

In light of this new information, we can say that. When left on the wrist, the Inspire 2 can deliver helpful, albeit unsettling, information. For instance, it used to be funny to laugh about how much caffeine we consume, but now it’s a real cause for concern. Similarly, you’ll quickly learn to recognise the triggers in your daily life, whether it’s your coworkers in Zoom meetings or your embarrassing relatives.

To a similar extent, the Inspire 2’s heart rate function, in contrast to strictly motion-based trackers, can categorise different stages of sleep, teaching you much more than just how much of the night you spend inactive. The Fitbit app will not only provide you with a sleep quality score, but it will also be able to notify you when you’ve had enough of the day and it’s time to turn in, much like a trusted friend would.

It does an excellent job of validating what should be clear but isn’t always evident to the reader, namely, that they should exercise more, consume less caffeine, and get a little more sleep.

Fitbit Inspire 2: Design

Fitbit’s design is subtle, like what might happen if Apple’s Jony I’ve worked on the electronic monitoring tag used by the probation department. The whole thing, from the light rubbery strap to the tiny black-and-white screen, weighs in only a featherweight 20 grammes.

Its face is bright and clear, but it’s too small to show a lot of data at once, so you’ll have to swipe through the different sections of information one by one. To conserve battery life, it starts off dark and illuminates when the wearer raises their wrist. Also, you may wake it up or get back to the home screen by pinching its sides.

The programme allows you a wide range of display options, from data-heavy layouts to simple antique clock faces (we chose a friendly motivational cat).

Smart Features

fitbit inspire 2 

You may get pings from apps to maintain tabs on eBay sales as you work out, and the alerts feature will let you know if a call is important enough to warrant interrupting your workout.

Unfortunately, this third-party app connectivity does not allow you to manage your playlist, which is a disappointing omission. Similarly, it’s disappointing that Fitbit Pay isn’t supported, as this would be useful if you like to work out cashless.

Included in the purchase of a Fitbit is a year’s worth of access to Fitbit Premium, where you can take advantage of guided exercises and fitness programmes, get a complete wellness report to use as ammunition against your primary care physician, and access some trendy mindfulness content. The Inspire 2 may still perform adequately without it, but having it is a plus.

We anticipate that each subscriber will find at least one feature they will miss once their membership expires. Our ideal feature is the comprehensive Advanced Sleep Analytics, but is it worth £7.99 / $9.99 / AU$15.49 per month to keep it? Most likely not.

While Polar and Garmin allow you to utilise all of its ecosystem features indefinitely for free, we could sense some moderate frustration if we suddenly discovered the gadget had slightly less functionality.

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Value for Money

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great fitness tracker since it is easy to use, looks great, has a long battery life, and can track your heart rate. It performs admirably as either a basic multi-sport tracker or a kind of fitness coach that will subtly nudge you toward a more active lifestyle.

Even if the design is a touch basic for more data-driven athletes, the heart rate feature in particular will give anyone who hasn’t worn one before some intriguing insights.

What we didn’t like as much was having to shell out the device’s price again after a year if we wanted to keep using the app’s premium features. Also, there is the initial investment to think about. If you consider that it also includes a heart rate monitor, the price appears fair.

The Huawei Band 4 Pro, on the other hand, serves a similar purpose and retails at $70 (£60, AU$130), thanks to its inclusion of GPS, longer battery life, and full-colour display.

While the Inspire 2 is relatively intelligent, the screen size prevents it from reaching its full potential in the realm of sports-oriented functions. Instead of keeping a close eye on every action, it is more suited as something you can leave on and collect statistics from at the end of the week.

The intuitive design of the accompanying mobile app supports this concept by providing a wealth of data in an approachable way.

Some Fitbit fans may feel dissatisfied by the absence of significant changes from the previous model. Despite its flaws, I think the Inspire 2 is a great choice for anyone who wants to track their workouts and gain a general understanding of their health.

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