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How to Login Facebook Account and Check Activity? Know the Integrating Login with Facebook!


Facebook lets you keep track of the time and place of each device login. You may check to see whether your old phone was used to access your Facebook account, or you can see if any other devices have signed into your account without your knowledge.

What’s the Point of Looking at Your Login History?

It is possible that someone else is currently using your account. Someone else is most likely logged into your account if a mysterious message appeared on your wall.

It’s not always as complicated as a hacker deducing your password. A possible culprit is a third party that gains access to your account because you forgot to log out of the device you were using.

You can be sure that you are the only one using your Facebook account by looking at the login history. The same goes for computers that shouldn’t have access to your account any longer; just log out of them.

The Best Way to View Your Facebook Login History on a Computer

facebook login

Initially, access your Facebook account by entering your email address or mobile phone number and password. So, after that:

  1. Use the menu that appears when you click the arrow in the top right corner of the screen. A symbol like a downward-pointing arrow indicates this.
  2. Choose “Preferences and Security.”
  3. Simply select “Preferences” from the menu.
  4. A navigation bar will appear on the left side of your screen. Select “Login & Security” from the menu.
  5. After you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to a page that states “Where You’re Logged In.” To view your complete login history, click the “See More” button.
  6. Facebook might say “8 hours ago” if the login was performed lately.

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How can I better protect the information in my Facebook account?

Make use of two-factor authentication (2FA). Add an extra safeguard with two-factor authentication. Activating two-factor authentication requires standard account credentials.

One-time passwords (OTPs) can be sent via text message (SMS) or an authenticating app like Duo Mobile. If this OTP code is entered correctly on the login screen, you will be authorized.

Post on Facebook if You Were Hacked

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You can check if someone else accessed your account without your knowledge by going to the “If You Think Your Account Was Hacked” section of your account security settings on your mobile device.

When it happens, you can pick from a number of different possibilities. If you discover a post on your wall that you didn’t create, or if you believe someone else has gained unauthorized access to your account, you can notify Facebook of the situation.

In addition to these, there are a few other possibilities. Pick the best option and press the “Continue” button to get in touch with Facebook’s support staff.

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New Facebook Login Feature With Added Controls

When a user uses Facebook Login to access a third-party app, “Login Notifications” sends a message to the user’s phone and the email address linked with the account.

The Login Notifications’ layout and text put users in charge, reminding them that they can modify the permissions they grant to third-party apps at any time.

When a user successfully logs in, the Login Notifications are activated. When a user signs into a third-party app using Facebook Login, the user gives the app permission to view some information about them.

Re-authentication occurs when a user re-uses their Facebook credentials to access a 3rd-party app after that app’s permission to access their data has expired.

Be cautious when using the internet. If you take the necessary steps, social networking may be a safe and useful tool for staying in touch with friends.

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