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Facebook’s Dating Section Is Inaccessible. Fixing “Facebook Dating Not Available”!


Facebook is no longer just another social media platform. As time has progressed, the platform has expanded to include a wide range of features and services for facilitating various forms of interaction and communication.

You can trade things with other users on Facebook by using the Marketplace feature. The site also allows users to market their houses for sale or rent.

Why Isn’t Dating on Facebook Working?

Many factors could be at play here. In order to shed light on the problem, we’ll go over each contributing factor in turn.

You are too young to use this site.

Users must be 18 or older to participate in Facebook’s dating service. Therefore, you can’t sign up for Facebook Dating until you’re at least 18 years old.

Your Facebook Mobile Notifications Have Been Turned Off.

It’s also possible that this is what’s causing the “Facebook Dating not showing up” issue again and time again. Notification preferences can be adjusted independently for each app on your mobile device.

The Mobile Application Has an Excessive Amount of Cached Data.

The programme may be affected by a cache that is either too full or corrupted. Consequently, Facebook may experience functional issues.

It’s Possible that Your Account Is Either Too Fresh or Has a Low Reputation Within the App.

You may have deleted Facebook Dating in the past and only recently reinstated your account if it wasn’t temporally banned. Whatever the case may be, deleting one’s profile will result in a seven-day probationary period. Therefore, Facebook Dating will be unavailable to you until after a seven-day waiting period.

How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up on Facebook App?

facebook dating not showing up

Facebook Dating issues, such as the app disappearing from your device, may typically be remedied by using one of these three quick fixes.

1. Try an Update to the Facebook App

It’s possible that the ineffectiveness of online dating is due to an outdated version of the Facebook program.

A simple click of the tab labeled “Update” is all that’s needed. You may also select to choose the automatic update for your Android or IOs device. Make sure the dating app you’re using is up and running.

2. Verify Online Connection

If you’re using the Facebook Dating app while connected to a Wi-Fi network but are still having issues, it’s possible that you need to troubleshoot your internet connection. Maybe you’re in an area where Internet connections tend to be spotty or slow.

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3. Enable Facebook App Notifications

facebook dating not showing up

If App notifications have been turned off or off, make sure that Facebook is exempted from that list, or you can try to Enable again Facebook App notifications to be able to utilize Facebook Dating service.

4. Phone Cache Cleaning

Boosting app performance. Applications generate data, which is stored on your mobile device. However, there are times when the program stops working properly because the data it stores becomes corrupted. Sometimes this can be fixed by clearing the cache on the mobile device.

5. Verify that Facebook is not experiencing server problems.

Find out whether you’re the only one having trouble with the Facebook App, and if so, wait till it starts working again.

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6. Delete Facebook and Reinstall It

Occasionally, app conflicts on Android and iOS devices can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the offending program. That way you’ll get a new and updated version as well to be able to use the dating feature. To remove an app, simply navigate to its removal tab in your mobile device’s settings.

7. For Facebook’s Support, Please Call

If you have tried the above fixes and Facebook dating still isn’t showing up for you, you can contact Facebook’s technical support staff via a private message on their website.

To access Facebook’s online Help Center, just click on the link.

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