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How To Change Your Netflix Profile Picture (Android, iPhone, TV)?


Netflix is the most popular streaming service that you pay for. It has more than 200 million subscribers who love to binge-watch movies and TV shows that are only available on Netflix.

One of the many features of the video streaming service is that you can use up to five profiles on one account.

This profile option lets each person with a Netflix account have their own feed and save what they’ve watched without other people being able to change it.

You can even mark these Netflix profiles with a pin.

A name and an avatar are given to each profile on a Netflix account so that you can tell which profile is yours.

Thanks to the Netflix avatars, this profile picture can be changed to the other one.

But for some users, the built-in profile pictures on Netflix may not be enough. They may want a more personalized profile picture that isn’t one of the Netflix avatars.

With that in mind, there is a way to set a custom profile picture on Netflix, and we’ll talk about it here. We’ll also talk about how to set a custom profile picture on Android, iPhone, PC, and Smart TV by using the premade avatars.

How to Add a Custom Profile Picture to Netflix?

As we’ve already said, Netflix doesn’t let you set a custom profile picture.

Still, with an extension called Custom Profile Picture for Netflix, you can use any picture you want as your Netflix PFP. Here’s how.

How To Change Your Netflix Profile Picture (Android, iPhone, TV)?

Set a custom picture for your profile on Netflix: Custom Picture for Netflix Profile
Use the Custom Profile Picture for Netflix Chrome extension to set a custom profile picture for your Netflix account.

This method only changes your profile picture on the Chrome browser where the extension is installed. It does not sync across all of your devices.

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Here’s How to Use the Extension to Change your Netflix Profile Picture?

1. Open Chrome and visit this link to download Custom Profile Picture for Netflix.

2. After adding the extension to your browser, go to Netflix and log in to your account.

3. While on the Netflix Profiles page, click the extension icon on the Chrome toolbar and select Custom Profile Picture for Netflix extension from there.

4. Select the profile you want to set a picture for on the Netflix Profile Picture menu, upload the picture you want to set, and save it.

5. Reload the Netflix page, and you should have the custom profile picture on Netflix.

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How to Change Your Netflix Profile Picture (Web and Mobile Phone)?

The steps below will show you how to choose an avatar from Netflix’s built-in library as your profile picture.

Set Netflix Profile Picture In Web Browser

How To Change Your Netflix Profile Picture (Android, iPhone, TV)?

1. Use your web browser to go to Netflix and sign in to your account.

2. Once you’re in, you’ll see that your account has different profiles. Tap the option that says “Manage Profile” to change a profile. If you are already on your Netflix profile, just click the drop-down arrow and choose “Manage Profile.”

3. On the Manage Profile page, select the profile you want to edit.

4. Then click on the Pencil icon on the existing PFP, and you’ll be taken to the Netflix avatar library, where you can select the picture of your choice.

5. Click on the picture you want to use and hit Let’s do it.

6. Afterward, click on Save.

Set Profile Picture on Phone for Netflix (Android & iPhone)

  1. Open the app for Netflix on your phone.
  2. On the “Who’s Watching?” page, tap Edit in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Now, choose the profile whose PFP you want to change, and then tap on the existing avatar on the Edit Profile page.
  4. Then, choose the avatar you want to use and click Save in the top-right corner of the next page.

With these methods, you can use the Netflix avatar library to set a picture for your Netflix profile.

But if you want to set a custom profile picture on Netflix, you’ll need to use the method we’ll talk about next.

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