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How to Play and Instructions for The Chrome Dino Game


When you launch Chrome without an active internet connection, an error message will appear. There’s a Chrome easter egg hidden there, a very basic game meant to evoke the “stone age” before wifi.

It has done surprisingly well for an Easter egg. In terms of the user base, it boasts 270 million users, a number that many for-profit mobile games and applications would die to have.

Because “school kids—and even grownups who were supposed to be working—really got into it,” the game’s makers revealed in an interview with the Google Press Office that they had to give enterprise developers an option to disable the game in 2018.

Read on to learn where to get Chrome Dino, how to play it to high scores, and how to get inside the hood to experiment with it, regardless of whether you’ve played it before or not. Further, here are a few great games worth checking out.

First: Be wary of fake Dino games in search

If you do a Google search for “Dino game,” you’ll get a lot of results. Numerous copies, parodies, and fan-made versions fill many pages. It seems like you have your pick of the litter. However, these so-called fan-made versions should be avoided at all costs.

Some people may be equipped with tracking devices you don’t want, and their cookies may be gathering the information you don’t want them to have.

Some of them are authentic, but others are full of advertisements. (You can lessen the impact using a Chrome ad filter, but avoiding third-party sites is preferable.)

Some of them are genuinely harmful, while others simply have flash pages full of links to sites that are. Even if none of those things is true, they may nevertheless be sluggish and unstable. Also, they typically aren’t full-screen, which is a bit annoying.

Where to find the Dino game offline

chrome dino

Learn more about the Dino game and its location here!

Chrome makes it simple to locate the dinosaur game. When you launch Chrome while disconnected from the internet, you will see the following error message:

When you press Space, the dinosaur on the top left of the screen will begin to run.

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Where to find the Dino game online

Most people believe that the Dino game was never intended to be discovered online. It’s not hard to find it online, and you won’t have to visit any questionable sites to play it.

To access Dino, launch Chrome and enter chrome:/dino/ in the address bar. Don’t type it into Google’s search bar or you’ll receive a bunch of results from unrelated websites.

If you launch Chrome without a network connection and press back, you will be shown the same offline notification page that would appear if you did not have an Internet connection.

Don’t worry; you haven’t fried anyone’s network. All this is Chrome doing is serving as a gateway to your favorite online Dino game instead of the traditional homepage. Simply press Space to begin play.

How to play the Dino game

Chrome's Dinosaur game has been upgraded with guns and swords

Chrome Dino is a fun, challenging, and easy game. It’s a nonstop running game with no levels, somewhat like a linear take on Temple Run. If you manage to get a perfect 99,999, the game will simply start over with a new high score.

It’s impossible to alter your course, and your velocity is fixed. There is nothing else to do but jump and duck.

What you said was sufficient. Early on, the game progresses at a leisurely pace. You’ll be moving from left to right through a desert where cacti will periodically pop up. The occurrence of these cacti quickly increases, and they do so in clusters of varying sizes and annoyance levels. You can bypass them by using Space or the up arrow.

The down arrow can also be used to duck, and the reason for this will become clear shortly. Pterodactyl-like creatures also fly across the screen at different heights from the cacti. Some of them can be avoided by simply ignoring them, while others need more effort. In most cases, dodging help. In fact, that’s part of the game’s appeal: it’s always straightforward. Still, things start to get tricky.

The Alt key serves as a pause button. After every 700-point increment, the game enters a “dark mode” for 100 points.

Tips for getting a high score

Many players agree on a small handful of strategies for improving performance. It’s not hard to hack the game, and some of the greatest scores come from those who have. And some come from contestants who aren’t human. It’s not hard to program an AI to win a game like this, so if you have 11 hours to kill, you can watch an AI play the game perfectly.

We’ve compiled the most helpful advice we’ve come across here:

  • Pretend like you’re standing stationary but the landscape around you is changing. If you can put aside the fact that you’re “running,” it’ll be much simpler to manage your on-screen movement.
  • Don’t wait until the last second to jump or duck.
  • Don’t be such a duck. The majority of birds are easy to jump over, and those flying at a lower altitude can be disregarded.

And beyond that, it’s a pure test of reflexive skill, much like a digital pinball, like the majority of old video games. Top performance is the result of dedicated practice, a state of flow, and undivided attention.

You could also do what everyone else does and hack the game, though I fail to understand the appeal.

Chrome Dino cheats and hacks

This is not an instance of “up-down-up-down-B-A-start.” To implement any of these suggestions, you must launch Chrome Console.

Opening Console

It’s best to begin started on the No Internet page, whether you’ve actually turned off your connection or just typed chrome:/dino/ into your browser. Chrome’s Dev Tools can be accessed by right-clicking (or CTRL-clicking) anywhere and selecting Inspect. Dev tools can also be accessed by using CTRL+Shift+J on Windows, Linux, or Chromebook computers or CTRL+Option+J or CMD+Shift+C on Macs.

After you launch Chrome, go to the Window menu and pick Console to make changes to the code being executed in the current window.

Other Chrome games you might enjoy

In addition to being fast enough to compete with other browsers, Chrome is also flexible enough to function as a mini-operating system in and of itself, even if you aren’t running Chrome OS. If you’re having fun with the Dino experience, you might want to try out one or two of these as well.

Some call for sign-up, but we urge everyone to utilize Chrome’s built-in password manager at the very least.


tabagotchi game screenshot

To pass the time while your internet isn’t working, try playing Chrome Dino. Instead, Tamagotchi is for those who prefer the polar opposite. You may recall Tamagotchi, the keychain-based digital creatures that required regular care and attention.

The Tamagotchi Chrome addon, which is meant to encourage efficiency and productivity by making them into a game, replaces the screen you see when opening a new tab with a digital pet whose health lowers as you open more tabs.

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chrome dino

Entanglement is a full-fledged application that can be executed in the Chrome web browser. Chrome originally included it as a preinstalled game. Similar to the tile game Snake, players add hexagonal tiles to a playing board in an effort to create the longest possible line without touching any of the board’s boundaries.

Dark Orbit

In the same way, Dark Orbit can be accessed via the web. It’s like No Man’s Sky, but on your browser: you take control of a spaceship in a hostile environment, with damaged systems and limited supplies. Salvage materials and reassemble what you can. (At the moment, you’ll need Flash to play the game; after Chrome’s deprecation of Flash support later this year, we don’t know what will happen.)

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