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How to Download Carrom Pool Mod Apk: Steps You Need to Know


What are your thoughts on classic carrom? Right now, you can play this game on your very own smartphone. The carrom board game Carrom Pool Mod APK makes this a reality. This game’s accessibility makes it a good choice for solo or group play.

The modded version of the game has recently been released, granting all players an infinite supply of gold and diamonds. Throughout Asia, including in nations like Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, people of all ages like playing this game that Miniclip created.

Amazing game modes including “Disc Pool,” “Play,” and “Practise” are included. All of these variations provide something interesting in their own right.

This game is a modded version of the original, thus all of the content has been unlocked and there are an infinite number of money and gems to spend. The article will describe all of the article’s features, the download process, and more.

Offline mode

You may enjoy this game without having to worry about connecting to the internet or other players. You can play it by yourself by slamming all the discs into the holes if no one else is nearby.

Online mode

To add to the fun, you may play it with your pals over the internet thanks to the game’s online component. This one-of-a-kind game allows you to play the classic board game carrom with your relatives and friends even if they aren’t around. Fun is amplified when competition necessitates teamwork.

3D graphics

carrom pool mod apk

The game’s 3D graphics are so impressive that they almost fool the eye. In sum, this game gives its users a novel and exciting take on the classic board game carrom. Free

You can get this game for nothing, too! In addition to its many advantages, it may be obtained via download at no cost.

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Carrom pool is a fun game to enjoy with loved ones. It’s a game that up to four people can play at once, so many people can have fun and enjoy the fantastic gameplay all at once.

Unlimited mod features

This game is essentially an update on the classic version of Carrom Pool. That’s why it gives players access to a tonne of stuff right away.

Firstly, it provides all the chests (Supreme, Parisian Bronze, Master, Delhi Bronze, and Professional) with no restrictions. Players of Carrom Pool Mod APK also have access to an infinite supply of cash and diamonds.

Play disc pool

carrom pool mod apk

This is a one-of-a-kind aspect because it involves monetary wagers by the players. These funds are available in the gaming account and can be used for betting. All of the money wagered by the participants will go to the victor.

Additionally, this feature’s uniqueness lies in the fact that players have access to multiple arenas. Mumbai, London, Delhi, Dubai, Paris, and New York are just a few of the world-famous cities hosting these events. Its 12 soldiers make up the army.

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How to download Carrom Pool Mod APK

  • It’s not exactly a feat of technological wizardry to acquire this game, thus it’s a breeze to do so. Follow these steps to successfully acquire this game on your computer.
  • To begin, access your phone’s preferences.
  • Downloading this game requires you to open unknown resources and turn on this feature.
  • Return to Google and use the provided link to acquire this game.
  • When you’re done, launch your file manager and navigate to where Android is stored.
  • Find this game online and launch it.
  • Select the “Install” tab and continue.
  • With just a few seconds, you’ll have the game installed and ready to go.


In conclusion, playing a game like Carrom Pool Mod APK, which is both free and enjoyable, is a terrific way to pass the time. Players can have fun with their pals while playing this game together. With the game’s multiple play options and seemingly endless content, there are no limits to how far one may take their gaming experience.

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