What is Bizgurukul? Are BizGurukul Courses Worth It!

BizGurukul is an online e-learning portal that sells entrepreneurial, career, and business development courses, as well as training on how to make money using social media.

Despite the fact that BizGurukul has its own website where these courses are promoted, they cannot be purchased without entering the sponsor ID.

One must go through their affiliate program, which is being touted as quite lucrative. More importantly, this lucrative possibility is unrelated to the course content, the affiliate’s qualifications, age, or employment experience.

It reveals itself in the affiliate commission that BizGurukul pays for each person who purchases the course materials.

This differs from other sales programs, which allow customers to buy straight from websites without needing an affiliate link.

BizGurukul, on the other hand, offers its course materials only through affiliate links, which are offered to the potential consumer.

About the Owner:


Ritwiz had always been a curious child. He was one of the few persons who would accept an opportunity just for the purpose of gaining knowledge. He had always been interested in business and intended to start his own. He followed a conventional academic cycle, finishing high school and then pursuing a BBA from a prominent university. His collegiate experience aided him in grasping corporate management theory. He later joined a global organization in Noida and gained experience in the corporate world.

While he was on pace with the majority of his coworkers, he knew he wanted to do more and better. While speaking with his superiors, he realized that climbing the corporate ladder would need a tremendous amount of effort and long tenure, with no guarantee of attaining the position he desired. He realized that this is not what he wanted out of life; he wanted to reach the top sooner, even if it meant putting in more effort.

Ritwiz realized that achieving his idea on his alone would be difficult, and he required a strong team to get started. So he shared his thoughts with his dear friends Rohit Sharma and Keshav Lal, who were equally ecstatic to learn about this possibility and decided to participate without hesitation. The foundation for “Bizgurukul” was thus laid.

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Company History:

This organization was established on March 24, 2020, and has been operational for almost a year. They’ve achieved milestones that most Indian start-ups can only dream of in the last year. With over 60,000 students utilizing classes and upskilling themselves, they have hit a million-dollar milestone.

They have now slowly and steadily reached all of India’s major cities, as well as tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns. They’ve also given their affiliates more than $10 million. In the next six months, they intend to expand their technical staff from 15 to 50 individuals.

Their goal is to reach 1 lakh affiliates by the end of the year, and with the sheer devotion and enthusiasm displayed by their entire staff, this goal is well within reach.

Courses Offered:


Top-notch online courses with industry experts that are applicable not just to metro cities but also to tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India.

The courses were created with the goal of teaching Indian kids all of the new skills they need, like digital marketing, Instagram marketing, spoken English, personality development, and so on.

The goal is to develop, nurture, and train a large number of digital entrepreneurs who will contribute to future nation-building initiatives.

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Are BizGurukul Courses Worth It?

BizGurukul course packages are separated into three categories: Gold, Sapphire, and Platinum, each containing sub-courses priced at different levels. When purchasing one of the packages, the consumer must supply sponsor information, which includes information about the affiliate who completed the deal.

You can look at their course material (here). These classes are pre-recorded, and the majority of the material discussed can be accessed on YouTube, Google, and a variety of other free online courses.

For increased sales, BizGurukul also offers live webinars and pre-recorded or live training sessions. BizGurukul affiliates receive training on how to enhance course sales during these sessions.

What is BizGurukul’s refund policy if someone decides the direct selling business is not for them?

To be clear, BizGurukul is not a direct selling company. Affiliate marketing is not the same as direct selling.

We are an e-learning platform that charges only for the courses that our users take and offers a 24-hour refund policy that is clearly stated on the website home page and on the registration page where a person registers as a user/learner with us. Only when you have agreed to our terms and conditions and refund policy can you pay to register for our courses.

Our affiliate program has no fees or investments. Referring to our courses is entirely up to our users. Only our customers have the choice to become affiliates since we only want genuine referrals/promotions, which only a consumer can accomplish after taking the courses (in our case, studying our courses).

A number of trainers, coaches, and edtech platforms throughout the world follow the same methodology.

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Who has certified your training/webinar programs? Is there any certification from the University Grants Commission or any other regulatory agency in India?

Reply from BizGurukul: BizGurukul is a privately held corporation that offers e-learning courses. We do not give any school/college degrees or technical education, thus our courses, training, and webinars do not require any regulatory affiliation or certification.

We, like many other edtech start-ups in the country, provide skill development courses designed and led by people with relevant experience.

We choose our subject-matter expert trainers with great attention and diligence. Our students receive a certificate of completion for the courses they complete after passing an online test.


BizGurukul, as its name implies, is an online e-learning platform that sells entrepreneurship, career, and business development courses, as well as training on how to make money via social media.

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