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All ArcGIS products are compatible with the Bing Maps (previously Microsoft Virtual Earth) web services. There is no need to save or manage any local data when using this service in ArcGIS Pro or any other web service that works with this application. Your scene or map will connect directly to the Bing Maps server.

Bing Maps Features the Following Services:

  • Search from above with Bing Maps
  • Bing Maps Hybrid \sBing Maps Road
  • You need to obtain a license key directly from Microsoft to use any of the basemaps in the Bing Maps collection.
  • Administrators can grant access to Bing Maps to all logged-in users of an organization’s ArcGIS Online account by associating a Bing Maps key with the account.

As a replacement, consider using the ArcGIS World Imagery basemap. It offers high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery with a resolution of one meter or better in many regions of the world and lower resolution satellite imagery in the rest of the world.

Add Bing Maps

bing maps

If You Have a Valid Licence Key, You Can Use Bing Maps Services as A Basemap in Arc Gis Pro. on The Map Tab, in The Layer Group, Click the Basemap Gallery. Choose the Bing Map You Want to Add as A Basemap.

Each of The Bing Maps Services Uses a Projected Coordinate System Called Mercator Auxiliary Sphere, Which Uses Gcs Wigs 1984 as Its Geographic Coordinate System. Just Like with Any Other Data Source, the Bing Maps Web Service Projects on The Fly Can Be Transformed to Match Your Data Precisely.

You Can Access the Original Data Used by Bing Maps and Include It in Your Exported or Printed Map. Data Frames in Bing Maps Have a Special Icon in Their Lower Right Corners for Use with The Map View.

When You Click This, a New Window Will Pop up Detailing the Provenance of All Active Service Layers in Your Map, Including Bing Maps.

You Can Replace the Icon with The Actual Text of The Service Layer Attributions After Exporting the Map View or Switching to The Layout View. This Text Is Locked and Cannot Be Edited.

If You Try to Open a Map or Layer File that Relies on Bing Maps when You Are Not Connected to The Internet, or If Bing Maps Is Down for Maintenance or Some Other Reason, You Will Receive an Error Message. if A Login Window Pops Up, Just Dismiss It by Selecting Cancel from The Menu.

Even Though the Map or Layer File Opens, Any References to Bing Maps Will Be Broken (indicated in The Contents Pane by A Red Exclamation Point). Unfortunately, the Red “!” on Bing Maps Layers Cannot Be Used to Fix Them.

You Can Continue to Work in The Usual Way with The Map or Scene, but The Broken Layers Won’t Show until You Close It, Reconnect Your Machine to The Internet, and Then Reopen It. Opening the Map or Scene Again Will Require Re-Authentication.

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To Explore a Layer of Bing Maps Added to A Map,

bing maps

Similar to Working with An Arc Gis Web Tile Layer, Using Bing Maps Services in Arc Gis Pro Is a Breeze. in Order to Display a Web Tile Layer in A Map or Scene, It Is Necessary to Retrieve Individual Image Tiles from The Server. the Scale of The Tiles Provided by These Layers Is Consistent.

Due to The Tiles Having Been Pre-Made and Stored (cached) on The Server, the Drawing Performance of These Web Layers Is Excellent. when You Use the Zoom Feature on The Bing Maps Website, You Can Choose From These Predetermined Levels of Magnification.

Arc Gis Pro, for example, Automatically Resamples the Tiles and Assembles Them for Display in The Scale at Which You Have Chosen to Work when Using Bing Maps, so You Are Not Limited to Working at These Fixed Scales. in Arc Gis Pro, the Resampling Algorithm Used Produces Visually Pleasing Output.

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Cache Management for Bing Maps Layers

The Keep the Cache Between Sessions Option in The Layer Properties Dialogue Box’s Cache Tab Is Disabled. Most Cached Web Layers, Including Those Found in Arc Gis Online, Allow for This Functionality, but Bing Maps Does Not.

Since Bing Maps’ Image Tiles Are Retrieved from The Server Rather than reading from A Local Cache of Tiles Stored on Your Machine, You’ll Always See the Most Recent Content from Microsoft when You Open a Map that Contains Bing Maps, Such as New Additions to The Aerial Layer or Updates to The Road Layer.

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