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7+ Best Pokemon Hacks: Check Here for The Complete Guide

best pokemon hacks

Even after years of tinkering with the most advanced Pokemon ROM Hacks, I still learn something new from them every time.

It’s all thanks to the amazingly skilled members of the Pokemon community who spend months or even years crafting these ROM hacks to help players get through the tough times.

Some of the most impressive modifications to Pokemon ROMs can be found here. This section features some of our top picks. Slight adjustments have been made to some, while others play like brand new titles.

Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with Pokemon ROM hacks or the top Pokemon emulators.

To play these ROMs, simply download the appropriate emulator for your device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or retro handheld) and follow the download links provided.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-hacked versions of the Pokemon ROM that you can play right now in your favorite ROM hacking software or on your favorite gaming console.

We make a small commission off of sales of custom fan-made carts on eBay that have ROM hacks installed. These ROM hacks are freely available, as are the files necessary to install them.

1. Pokemon: Gs Chronicles

All through 2021, Pokemon GS Chronicles has been lauded for being one of the best ROM hacks for the Pokemon video game franchise.

The original Pokemon Gold and Silver games served as inspiration for this. Now, however, it has been upgraded from its original form through a series of revisions and alterations that maintain the game’s core concepts while adding new layers of complexity to the narrative.

2. Pokémon: Team Rocket Special Edition

Consider taking on the role of Team Rocket in the original Pokemon Red game. Now, finally, you can thank the fantastic Pokemon fandom.

Although Pokemon Fire Red is a remake of Red, the Team Rocket Edition of Pokemon could be considered a remake of Red.

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3. Pokemon Platinum Light

Indicative of Its Quality, Pokemon Ruby/sapphire Sold Over 16 Million Copies on The Gameboy Advance.

If You Want to Play a Game Based on That Amazing Game, Pokemon Light Platinum Is Your Best Bet.

4. Gaia Pokemon

There Are a Lot of Fire Red Hacks out There, and This Is Just Another One, Albeit One with A Much More Substantial “twist” that The Pokemon Community Seems to Enjoy.

At the beginning of The Hacked Rom, Professor Redwood Noticed an Increase in Seismic Activity and Enlisted the Help of The Local Pokemon Trainers in Order to Determine the Cause.

5. Topping the List at Pokemon Glazed

It’s a Game I Found by Accident and Ended up Loving. to Put It Simply, Pokemon Glazed Is About the Mystery and Confusion that Ensues when A Problem No One Saw Coming Affects the Entire Region.

You Must Investigate Ancient Ruins, Unknown Pokemon, and A Scarfed Pikachu Who Is Angrier than A Mini Chihuahua to Learn the Truth About the Mysterious Power that Is Bringing the Pokemon World and The Real World Closer Together.

6. Ascending from The Pokemon Shadow Pool

Do You Ever Have Dreams About Pokemon that Are Really Strange? Yeah, Me Too, but Picture if Instead a Pokemon Appeared in Your Dream and Asked You to Help It Save the World in A Video Game.

Normally, I’d Consider that A Nightmare, but To Me, It Sounds Like the Most Incredible Dream. Since the Plot of Pokemon Dark Rising Hinges on That Very Premise, You Might Be Surprised to Learn that Your Best Friend Also Had a Similar Dream.

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7.  Floral-Type, Sky-Type Pokemon

In Spite of My Lack of Experience with It, I Have Heard Nothing but Praise for This Game from Those Who Have Tried It.

The Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia Square Off in The Opening Battle of Pokemon Flora Sky. After the Epic Battle is over, they will have opened a portal to the Town World, releasing Giratina into the area and all the problems that come with it.

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