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Top 8+ Photo Editor Apps for Android


When it comes to mobile apps, photo editors are a highly competitive market. Some editors are simple, allowing you to add filters and effects, while others are more advanced and even process RAW pictures. Other tools allow you to do crazy things like crop out unwanted parts of an image without compromising the quality.

To the best of our abilities, we will offer a representative sample of each category. The top Android picture editing applications are listed below.

Remember that none of these can replace the power of a dedicated desktop editor. For the most professional results in photo editing, a PC is still required. And we certainly wouldn’t forget to offer a shout-out to Snapseed either (Google Play).

It’s good and stable, but it no longer receives frequent software upgrades, so I can’t really suggest it. Additionally, many modern smartphones include rudimentary editors that make it easy to perform tasks like cropping.

1. Adobe apps

Adobe apps


In the past few years, Adobe has released a plethora of editing tools. Some of the finest mobile picture editing programmes are included. Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoshop Mix, and Lightroom are just a few of the alternatives.

Each one comes loaded with useful tools and capabilities. Editing RAW data from your smartphone or DSLR camera will be as easy as eliminating red eye. More recently, Adobe has been updating Lightroom with a number of useful enhancements.

The one potential catch is that you need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use all of the functionality of a few of them. Since these are already part of an Adobe CC membership, those who use Adobe CC should merely acquire them.

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2. AirBrush

best photo editing apps for android

If you need to alter a photo that includes a person, AirBrush is your best bet. With functions including blemish healer, skin smoother, red-eye eraser, and eye and teeth whitener, it’s clearly designed with the user in mind. The bokeh setting can make the backdrop of any picture appear out of focus.

An additional camera feature within the app allows for pre-capture image editing. With the right settings and a well-framed selfie in-camera, you can take a great photo. Some of the more advanced functions require a paid subscription, but you can test it risk-free for 7 days.

3. Bazaart

best photo editing apps for android

Among iOS users, Bazaart is a well-liked photo editor, and its Android counterpart is quickly gaining traction. The programme has a number of tools, such as an eraser for the background and controls for adjusting things like saturation, exposure, contrast, and colour.

Moreover, all the standard features of mobile picture editors, such as filters, text, backdrops, and stickers, are included. The main selling point is the backdrop tool, which lets you swap out the background of an existing shot.

After the trial period, the app’s monthly subscription fee of $5.99 is among the highest of the options available.

4. InShot Photo Editor Pro

best photo editing apps for android

Among editors, InShot Photo Editor Pro holds its own. A new style editor with a wide variety of options, such as filters, stickers, and other embellishments. All of these effects are available within the app in a shopping cart-like interface, and you may select and acquire the ones you like.

You should be aware that some of them are locked behind a paid subscription wall. As it turns out, it can edit images. Photo editing fundamentals such as cropping, resizing, and removing unwanted elements are all covered.

We believe the annual subscription price of $7.99 is fair if you plan to make regular use of the app. The developer also has a slew of additional media editing apps available in the Google Play Store.

5. LightX Photo Editor

best photo editing apps for android

One such programme, LightX, is designed to alter photographs and is soon to be released. This app was a smash hit for Apple devices. There are also a number of useful extras. Background replacement, colour splash effects, and several sliders for adjusting things like hue, saturation, and brightness are all included.

Photos can even be combined into one. Stickers, photo collages, shape modification, and blur functions are also available. Currently, it exists only in beta form. This suggests there are bugs present. But in the long run, it ought to be one of the best five or so picture editors available.

6. Motionleap


Motionleap (formerly known as Enlight Pixaloop) is a fun and useful photography tool. With just a few touches and swipes, it can transform a still image into a moving GIF. Although water and clouds are ideal mediums for this effect, it has many other possible applications.

Overlays can also be used to improve the mood of a shot, and you can add components that weren’t there previously. There is no way to crop the image or remove the red eye. Having the option for more effects, though, is very cool.

The only significant drawback is that the premium edition of Motionleap costs $3.99 monthly and has several of the app’s most attractive features.

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7. PhotoDirector Photo Editor

PhotoDirector is a relatively new picture editor for Android, but it’s one of the best out there. Like Fotor, this one places a premium on manual upgrades over filters, providing you with tools like HSL sliders, RGB colour channels, white balance, and more to ensure your photographs are perfect before you share them.

Adjustable tone, brightness, darkness, exposure, and contrast allow for finer-grained control during post-production. If you’re looking for a robust alternative to filters, this is your best bet.

8. Photo Editor by dev.macgyver

Photo Editor - Apps on Google Play


It’s remarkable how well-made dev.macgyver’s Photo Editor is. Simple functions like cropping, flipping, etc. are included. Levels and curves are only two of the sophisticated colour options it offers. Other editing options include gamma correction, automatic contrast and tone, automatic tone, blur, and sharpen.

Formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, Webp, and PDF are supported. Options for working with batches are also provided. It lacks the flash of more expensive editors, but it rivals Snapseed in its ease of use and effectiveness. In addition, the pro edition is only $3.49, and it’s free with Google Play Pass.

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