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Why Won’t My Apple Watch Turn On?: How To Fix an Apple Watch that Won’t Turn on Or Respond!

  • If your Apple Watch won’t switch on, don’t get upset; there are a number of possible causes, and most of them are simple to resolve.
  • An Apple Watch won’t turn on frequently due to a low battery, so before blaming the Watch itself, try an alternative charging cord and charger.
  • A variety of settings can make an Apple Watch appear to be frozen or dead when in fact the Watch is performing its intended function.
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In comparison to a pen without ink, an unresponsive Apple Watch is about as useful; the only difference is that your timepiece likely costs you $200 or more.

However, there are numerous possible causes for an Apple Watch screen not turning on, and the majority of them can be easily fixed.

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We’ll go through four of the most typical causes of an Apple Watch not turning on in this article, along with solutions. In the event that none of these solutions work, you most likely have a hardware problem that you can’t resolve on your own but which may be covered by your warranty.

Therefore, even if none of these repairs succeed in turning on your Apple Watch once more, don’t throw it away. Bring it to the Apple Store so that a technician can look it over.

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Both the Battery and Your Apple Watch Charger Should Be watch won't turn on

The battery is dead is a typical cause of an Apple Watch not turning on. Connect the Watch to the charger, and if it doesn’t work, be careful to test a different charging cable and charger to determine whether your charger is defective.

Continue to the next remedy if your Apple Watch is still unresponsive despite your attempts to charge it with numerous different chargers.

Make a force restart

Perhaps your Apple Watch is frozen. The operating system can be forced to restart, which will unfreeze it and restore watch won't turn on

For 10 to 15 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the two buttons (the smaller, rectangular Side Button and the bigger, circular Digital Crown).

Release the buttons after the Apple logo displays and continue to wait a short while. The watch should function normally after it restarts.

Learn how to force-restart your Apple Watch to fix problems and switch it on and off.

Deactivate Power Reserve Mode.

apple watch won't turn on

The Power Reserve setting on your Apple Watch, as the name suggests, conserves power. Only the time will be seen in this mode; the watch won’t unlock.

Press and hold the Side Button (thinner, oblong) for 7 to 10 seconds to get out of this mode. The watch is rebooting into its usual mode when the Apple logo displays.

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Deactivate the screen curtain.

The Apple Watch’s face is always darkened in the Screen Curtain mode, which only permits voice watch won't turn on

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then select the General option to disable the Screen Curtain. Tap “Accessibility” from there, then select “VoiceOver.” Finally, turn off the screen curtain (the button will be on the left).

The Apple Watch ought to function regularly once more.

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