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Add Text to Photo: 5+ Free Photo Editing Programs that Let You Add Text in 2022


Software that allows you to add text to images is ubiquitous and can be used for everything from advertising a business to enhancing social media posts to commemorating life’s milestones to perfecting the art of the meme. There is a plethora of free software available on the web.

But not every no-cost photo editor is worth your time. Some are merely adware masquerading as free picture editors, and others are severely lacking in functionality.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the five greatest free photo editing programmes that also allow you to add text. We’ll start with the basics and give you a rundown of everything you’ll need to know, such as how to add text to photographs, what other effects and editing tools are available, and a simple comparison table.

After that, we’ll go over some frequently asked questions and provide detailed instructions for adding text to photographs.

Let’s have a look at these reviews of five different free photo editors and choose the one that best suits your needs.

I Was Wondering Whether There Were Several Approaches to Incorporating Text Into Visuals.

Whether you edit photos for leisure or for a job, knowing how to add text to images is an essential skill. The most frequent method of adding text to images is by the use of a text overlay, which superimposes a box of text over the original picture. Drag-and-drop text editing is a common feature in many apps.

The text can be changed in hue, size, style, and even shape, and special effects such as blur, shadow, glitch, and bokeh can be applied, along with a new colour gradient or a transparent background. Photographs are often altered by adding text for a variety of purposes, including advertising, education, entertainment, and promotion.

Five of The Best Free Tools for Adding Text to Images

1) Photo Director

PhotoDirector Interface

PhotoDirector is far and by the greatest free programme for adding text to images. It has a straightforward design that makes it simple to edit photographs and add text. You can add a text overlay to your photo and then play with the many other editing tools and effects available.

When compared to industry standard editors like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, PhotoDirector holds its own as a comprehensive alternative.

Layer editing, keyword tagging, face recognition, and remarkable workflow and collection organising features are just some of the many picture editing tools that are included in the software. Additionally, users adore the app’s plethora of editing options, which allow them to add animations, filters, and other special touches to their photos.

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2) Gimp

GIMP Interface

To Rapidly Add Text to An Image, We Recommend Gimp (gnu Image Manipulation Program), Which Is Free and Open-Source Software. Choosing the Text Editor, Clicking the Image, and Typing Are the Three Basic Actions that Make up The Primary Text Tool. the Text’s Position, Font, Size, Colour, Etc., Can Then Be Adjusted Accordingly.

All of Gimp’s Features and Functionality, Including the Text Tool, Are Built and Maintained by An Enormous Community of Dedicated Volunteers. Brushes, Gradients, Colour Correction, Noise Softening, and Many Other Image Editing Tools Are Just a Few Examples. a Cool Function of The Programme Is That It Can Be Used to Create Posters and Collages.

3) For Linux Users, Inkscape Is the Top Choice.

Inkscape Interface

Another Open-Source, Free Programme for Editing Images Is Inkscape. Since Linux Is the Only Os that Can Run the Latest Version of The Software, We Highly Recommend It to All of Our Users (in Alpha). Simple Text Editing Features Are Available.

You Can Start Typing Single-Line Text by Clicking the Text Button, Then Dragging the Cursor Over the Image. After That, You’ll Have the Option to Change Things Like Size, Font, Style, Colour, Etc.

The Ability to Make Scalable Vector Graphics Is the Main Draw of Inkscape (SVG Images). Because of The Large Number of Developers Working Together to Test and Refine the Open-Source Software, It Is Constantly Evolving for The Better. Inkscape’s Svg Images Are Substantially Smaller than The Typical Bitmap, so You May Want to Give It a Try if You Routinely Post Photographs to The Web.

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4) Pho Xo Is the Best Option for Novices and Fourth on The List

PhoXo Interface

Pho Xo Is a Freely Available Freeware that Works on Windows. It Offers More Capabilities, Effects, and Editing Tools than Microsoft Paint, Therefore It’s Been Compared to An Improved Version of Paint by Many.

The Intuitive User Interface Makes It a Great Option for Those Just Starting Out. Simply Select the Icon and Start Typing to Add Text. Shadows, Gradients, Blurring, Ripples, and More Can Be Added Afterwards. the Layers Feature Allows for Quick and Simple Reorganisation of Content Using the Mouse.

5) Fotor Is the Best for Collage Making, so Use It!

Fotor Interface

Fotor Is Our Top Pick Since It Allows Users to Quickly and Easily Alter Their Photos by Using Pre-Made, Eye-Catching Themes with Only a Few Taps. Calligraphy Styles, Script, Handwriting, Cursive, All Caps, and Boldface Are Just Some of The Font and Style Options Available in The Fotor Library.

You Can Alter the Text’s Appearance in Many Ways, Including Rotation, Transparency, Colour, Line Height, and More, with This Programme. Use the Text Editor in Tandem with The Collage Maker to Develop Truly Original Posts for Any Medium.

Fotor Provides Several Features and Tools for Modifying Photos, Including Collage Makers, Text Overlays, and More. It Has a Streamlined Design that Makes It Simple to Navigate. the App Includes Over 300 Different Stickers, as well as The Ability to Trim Images, Create Frames, and Retouch Photos. for Added Security and Brand Awareness, You Can Add a Watermark to Your Images.

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