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Flipkart Has Started The 2GUD Platform To Sell Used Electronics!


Flipkart has made 2GUD, a new platform for selling refurbished goods. This will be perfect for a wide range of electronic goods, such as smartphones, laptops, wearable devices, and more. At the moment, you can only use 2GUD on your phone because the desktop site is still in development.

The launch of 2GUD comes after Flipkart confirmed that it would sell the India branch of eBay, which it had bought last year. As it stands, the Indian e-commerce platform will continue to sell new products, while refurbished goods will only be available on 2GUD. Also, Flipkart will be in charge of ensuring the quality of 2GUD’s product line, which will only sell verified and certified products. In a press release, Flipkart said that its large network of service centers all over India will take care of products that have warranties between 3 and 12 months.

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Flipkart Has Made 2 Gud, a Platform Where Used Electronics Will Be Sold. While the Desktop Site Is Being Set Up, Its Services Are Currently only Available on Mobile

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Flipkart, said, “As the market leader, Flipkart has always tried to solve problems for India and make shopping more satisfying in every way.” “With 2GUD, we’ve fixed the lack of trust in the market for refurbished goods, and along with the added convenience, we’re giving customers another way to get quality products at the best prices.”

But 2GUD is not the first thing Flipkart has done to grow its online business. The e-commerce giant bought the mobile and IT services company F1 Info Solutions in September of last year. This is now part of Jeeves, which sells appliances and furniture for the home.

Anil Goteti, VP of Flipkart, said this to explain the goals of 2GUD: “2GUD takes advantage of Flipkart’s service and support network to make it the best place to buy certified, high-quality refurbished products.” Along with Flipkart Marketplace, Goteti will be in charge of 2GUD.

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