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NBA Star Ben Gordon Was Just Arrested for Hitting His 10-Year-Old Son!

Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon, a former NBA player, was detained on suspicion of abusing his 10-year-old son. The celebrity was arrested on Monday at Queens’ LaGuardia Airport. The youngster was then transported to a Long Island hospital for a physical checkup.

Gordon was detained by Port Authority personnel, and it was said that he was being processed in the police station there while charges were pending. To learn more about the incident, keep reading.

Ben Gordon Arrested for Striking 10-Year-Old Son

According to accounts, police officers prevented the 39-year-old basketball player from boarding an aircraft to Chicago while he was ready to do so. On Monday around 8:45 p.m., he was taken into custody on suspicion of allegedly abusing a child.

Two police officers were hurt while attempting to apprehend Gordon, according to police sources. It is still unknown how and where the injury occurred. The boy was transferred to Jewish Children’s Hospital in Long Island for a medical evaluation while being escorted by one of his aunts.

Police have now been informed by a witness that Gordon struck his son in the head with a clenched hand. The boy had a restraining order against his father, according to law enforcement officials, so Gordon wasn’t supposed to be with him at the airport.

The NBA Star had been Arrested Earlier as Well

The former NBA player has already been taken into custody. He has previously encountered legal issues as well, particularly in 2017, when he was detained on suspicion of robbery and a physical assault after punching a man in his residence.

He was arrested that same year for activating fire alarms in his Los Angeles house even though there wasn’t a fire. A judge also issued Gordon a legal notice for using his vehicle with a falsified license plate.

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Gordon Revealed his Struggles with Mental Health Issues in 2020

The player mentioned having bipolar disorder two years prior, in addition to dealing with depression and other mental health difficulties. For six weeks, not a day went by during which I didn’t consider killing myself. At four in the morning, I was standing on the roof of my flat, gazing down and saying to myself, “I’m going to do it.” He declared in an interview that he would put all of this nonsense behind him.

It happened shortly after my final NBA season. Around the same time, I ran out of my family, my identity, and my career. I had bipolar disorder. I didn’t eat. Gordon had added that when I wasn’t sleeping, paranoia and worry take you as their own.

The former basketball star attended the University of Connecticut, where they captured the 2004 national title.

Over the course of his 11-year career, he appeared in 744 regular-season games for several NBA clubs, including the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, and Charlotte Bobcats, averaging 14.9 points per contest. Gordon received the Sixth Man of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors in 2005, his first season in the NBA.

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