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Why Fool the Americans with A Fake European Country Like Listenbourg?


p>Recently, a strange Twitter craze that originated in France and was intended to trick Americans went widespread. A red arrow had been added to a photo of a map of Europe that a French Twitter user tweeted. Americans mistakenly believe that Listenbourg, a fictitious nation on Portugal’s border, is a genuine nation, as indicated by this arrow. Continue reading to find out about the Twitter trend that has now taken the lead for November.

What Is The ‘Listenbourg’ Trend?

At least according to Americans, Listenbourg is the newest member of the European Union. A French Twitter user named Gaspardo who identified himself as the President of Listenbourg added the made-up nation by uploading a picture of a map of Europe with a red arrow appended to it.

What started as a joke utilising a faked map and an arrow pointing to a phoney country called “Listenbourg” has grown into a massive social media fad. Over 70 million people have watched a TikTok hashtag for the imaginary country in just a few days. Some users are even creating themed accounts and posing as key officials in the administration of this nation.

Additionally, there is a national anthem for Listenbourg that has received over 30,000 views on YouTube. Everything began with Gaspardo’s tweet, which included the following statement and a map that had been altered: “I’m sure Americans don’t even know the name of this country.” Someone replied that it was Listenbourg. That’s it; although some French humour was trending on Twitter, Americans were left perplexed and even offended.

Why Fool The Americans?

The French user uploaded the map’s modified image in an effort to deceive Americans, who are viewed as having a general lack of understanding of European geography. The majority of Americans lack a basic understanding of geography outside of the United States due to the systematic omission of international geography and history from public schools, however I don’t want to belittle the beautiful people of America.

Fake European Country Like Listenbourg

Additionally, 90% of the news reported in the United States is domestic. Prior to this, someone said that while growing up in a remote area of Oregon, he was required to memorise the geography and history of his own nation in great detail, but his class was never taught about other countries’ geography or histories. This joke focuses on the common misconception that Americans struggle with European geography, despite the fact that American schools have slightly altered this story.

As genuine as the term “Listenbourg” sounded, the popular tweet led everyone to believe that it might actually be a location in Europe that didn’t just consist of Americans. The actual occasion, however, occurred when Listenbourg joined Paris 2024, bringing the total number of participating nations up to 207, according to the official page for the France 2024 Olympics.

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At least we know how to get there, remarked the map provider Waze on this meme. The political organisation Europe L Ensemble declared that they were in favour of Listenbourg joining the EU. The report on the Listenbourg will soon be accessible, Prime Video France added in another humorous tweet.

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After the airline Ryanair, known for posting humorous content on social media, tweeted: “Proud to be announcing our new base in Listenbourg!,” accompanied with a photoshopped map of Europe, the trend has even spread to the United Kingdom. Even though Listenbourg is a hoax, the Twitterverse is undoubtedly visiting this nation.


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