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Why did Moriah Plath and Max Break Up? Max Kallschmidt reveals the real reason for split!


Moriah Jasper Plath, commonly known as Moriah Plath, is an American reality television star. The Plaths are a traveling family band most known for their involvement in TLC’s reality show Welcome to Plathville.

Max Kallschmidt is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. He rose to prominence as the partner of Moriah Jasper Plath, a social media sensation. He is also the owner of Anchor 23 Advertising. On Instagram, he has thousands of followers.

Micah and Moriah Plath’s Love Story

why did moriah plath and max break up

Micah and Moriah Plath spent most of the first season under their parents’ watchful eye, but in Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, they stepped out on their own and made the most of their newfound independence. Moriah began her music career as Micah attempted to gain a modeling contract, and her relationship with her lover Max Kallschmidt flourished.

Despite appearing to have reached a rocky patch, the couple eventually rekindled their romance ahead of the Season 2 finale. The sitcom returned for Season 3 with everything seeming good for Max and Moriah, but the Season 4 trailer hints there were problems in paradise.

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When Did They Split?

Fans of Welcome to Plathville began to notice that Max and Moriah had ceased sharing images together and commenting on one other’s postings. Rumors of their breakup began in November 2021, but Max did not acknowledge it until February 2022.

Moriah broke up with Max in November, according to Max’s YouTube channel, but they tried to make the relationship work for two months. After that, they went almost a month without communicating while they worked on themselves before calling it quits. Moriah has never spoken publicly about the split, but she will most certainly do so during season 4 of Welcome to Plathville.

Breakup Reasons

why did moriah plath and max break up

Moriah traveled out to Tampa with Olivia and Ethan Plath at the end of Welcome to Plathville season 3, and Max said he felt pushed to join them. He claimed the two were continuously arguing about everything and that he didn’t feel safe around them. Max also denied cheating on Moriah, saying, “I didn’t have s*x with anyone,” though he did “reach some lines” with someone at a bar.

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Max Talks About Their Breakup

Max sought professional therapy after receiving advice from Moriah’s mother, Kim, and claims to be in a much better mental position now. Max also stated that despite the fact that he and Moriah are no longer together, they are happier. “As much as we wanted the romance, we both mutually agreed that we’re best as friends,” Max stated. It’ll be fascinating to see how much of Moriah’s perspective on Welcome to Plathville corresponds to what Max mentioned about their breakup and how they’re doing today. Since Max was featured in the video, many fans are hopeful they will get some screen time together in season 4.

The Reaction of Moriah Plath

Her heartbreak occurs after Max gives her a Promised Ring during their romance in Season 3.
“It hurts a lot, especially when you believe you’ve found the one and have all these plans for the rest of your life,” she concluded.
It definitely made me feel worthless. It made me feel as if I had given everything I had to be treated as if I might be exchanged for anything.” My life completely fell apart, and I’ve been sequestered ever since. I’m afraid to tell anyone about what happened because saying it out loud makes it true.”

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