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Why Did Chris and Ian Break up? Chris Olsen claims that his separation from Ian Paget was influenced by his TikTok stardom!


Ian Paget’s Tik-Tok videos have made him famous. He has around 250k Instagram followers, over 180k YouTube subscribers, and over 2 million Tik-Tok followers.

Ian has worked on a variety of projects including Rock of Ages, Step Up Revolution, Mozart in the Jungle, One Life to Live, and many others.

Throughout his career, he has also appeared on a few episodes of Lip Sync Battle and Saturday Night Live.

Chris Olsen, a well-known TikTok star, will be 24 in December. Here are some more facts about him.

The most well-known TikTok account belongs to a popular social media personality and content provider.

After releasing several challenge videos with his sweetheart Ian Paget, he has over 6 million Tiktok followers.

Love tale between Chris Olsen and Ian Paget

did chris and ian break up

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget met in a hopeless place and fell in love.
Chris, who was living in Maryland at the time, randomly liked a few of Ian’s photos on Instagram. Then, in 2019, Ian ran into Chris at a WorldPride event. They didn’t speak at the time, but Ian planned to message Chris the next day. Still, they didn’t meet and go on a proper first date until Chris visited New York in July of that year.

After gaining millions of followers on TikTok, Chris said in their first YouTube video, “I like to pretend that’s our one-year anniversary.” “It’s not because [Ian] didn’t accept to be my boyfriend until we’d been dating for two months.”

But they’ve been together ever since, joining forces both online and off, moving in together in L.A. and quickly becoming one of the most adored social-media-star couples, their popularity quickly transcending the gay fandom they had predicted to include people of all ages, lifestyles, and identities.

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Chris Olsen and Ian Paget, a TikTok couple, have split after a two-year relationship: ‘We’ll Never Be Apart’!

Chris Olsen claims that his separation from Ian Paget was influenced by his TikTok stardom.

Chris stated in the video that he and Ian had barely been together for seven months when they began making TikToks. He claimed that he and Ian didn’t know each other well at the time. However, being bombarded with messages from strangers online caught up with them.

“So, to suddenly be shipped as this, like, perfect great pair — who, if we ever break up, people aren’t going to believe in love,” Chris continued.

Despite the fact that the pressure was too great for them to handle, Chris and Ian both acknowledge that their supporters did not intend to do so. They’re not blaming anyone for the breakup, and they’ve both shared TikToks about how to keep a friendship going after a breakup.

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