Office gadgets may be a niche corner of the productivity-tools market, but it is nonetheless an exciting one for the busy professional. New technologies meet with new understandings about the way we work, resulting in commercial products that can make our working lives that little bit easier. What are some must-have office gadgets for you to consider getting in 2022?

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Between the significant advancement in computer capabilities, and the recent push for remote- and home-working agreements in workplaces across the US, the humble laptop has become a true workhorse. More people than ever before use a laptop as their primary machine, with today’s portable PCs just as powerful as any PC tower.

But working on a laptop can be less ergonomic than working with a full PC system – particularly when it comes to screen height. An ergonomic laptop stand, in combination with standard peripherals like a keyboard and mouse, can revolutionize your laptop-based setup, and save you from unnecessary neck strain.

LED Lamp and Wireless Charger

Some of the best gadgets are combination gadgets. Advancements in LED technology, coupled with improvements to wireless charging designs, enable the invention of useful desktop light sources that can also charge your phone. One less power outlet is taken up – and a bit more desk space is freed up – with this winning gadget.

Standing Desk Converters

Speaking of strains, there has been a revolution in office-based ergonomics – heralded by the rise of the standing desk. Sedentary working patterns can lead to all manner of bodily complaints, from poor posture to increased blood pressure. Standing desks enable workers to stay limber while staying professional – and standing desk converters enable them to do so without shelling out thousands of dollars for a high-end desk.

Cable Organizers

Cables can be something of a nuisance to your day-to-day. Whether you’re battling unruly peripheral cables as you plug and unplug your laptop, or simply struggling to concentrate with a snake of wires dangling in your vision, cables can get in the way of a productive day.

But cables are a necessary element to your office set-up – and there are ways they can be reined in for a peaceful desk. Cable organizers are nothing new, but when properly applied can make your desk and desk underside impossibly neat. They can also help you troubleshoot computer problems with ease, as you won’t be pulling on random wires to find the source of your issue.

Book-to-Screen Pen Scanner

Scanning equipment is crucial for many administrative and research-based roles, but in-office scanners are often either ineffective or broken. This gadget can make research and information collection much quicker, offering a portable, personal scanning solution: the pen scanner.

Pen scanners can be used like highlighter pens, scanning individual lines of text or cells of data from a physical document. With the right software, these scans can be interpreted and converted to digital text on your computer – eliminating excess time spent copying information by hand.

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