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2022 Wrap-Up: Best LoL Players of The Year 

2022 Wrap-Up: Best LoL Players of The Year 

As usual, it has been an amazing year in League of Legends. There are many players who have come through with flying colors to make an impact in LoL tournaments. Individual players continue to make great progress at every level, but the following players have performed to the highest expectations. 

Kim ‘Malrang’ Geun-seong 

Aged twenty-two years, Malrang has been inspiring Team Rogue with his ability to collect gold. Along with team members such as Markos ‘Comp’ Stamkopoulos, Malrang helped Rogue reach the Worlds 2022. His team had already finished in the coveted number-one spot at the close of the LEC Spring Split after an incredible run of nine consecutive victories. Although Rogue entered the knockout phase of the Worlds, the team was eliminated by JD Gaming. 

Kim ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu 

One of Damwon Gaming’s most influential players is Canyon. His pedigree is outstanding with multiple first-place achievements in a host of tournaments such as the 2020 Worlds and the LCK Summer 2021. Canyon’s commitment to team success is as strong as ever, assisting the team to reach the World 2022. However, in spite of Canyon’s consistently dynamic jungler skills, his team only reached the fifth placement. 

Hung ‘Karsa’ Hau-Hsuan 

When Karsa of Taiwan joined Victory Five, the team was considered to be low-ranking. However, the team has found renewed energy mainly due to Karsa’s exciting combat skills with his favorite champions. He has aided Victory Five in their resurgence, reaching the playoffs of the LPL Summer 2022 and finishing as runners-up in the LPL Regional Final 2022. Victory Five is currently tenth in the world rankings. 

Moon ‘Oner’ Hyeon-Joon 

Oner’s team, T1, has had a phenomenal 2022 season. T1 set a new performance record with twenty-six consecutive victories in the LCK 2022 Spring. The team’s consistency has been influenced by Omer’s calm personality when under pressure. His prowess in controlling champions such as Poppy and Viego has also made a great impact. Oner’s outstanding jungler skills helped T1 to the runners-up slot in the Worlds 2022. 

Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu 

Many LoL fans consider Deft, the twenty-six-year-old South Korean member of DRX, to be the best player to have missed Worlds action during his ten-year career. Throughout the LoL Worlds 2022 tournament, which was held in San Francisco, botlaner Deft played an aggressive, attacking game. At last, Deft lifted the Summoner’s cup after DRX defeated T1 3-2 in the final. 

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok 

Award-winning Faker is one of the best League of Legends players. In his ten-year career, he has won three Worlds, and become the first player to achieve kill rates of 1,000 and 2,000. At the Worlds 2022, he was hoping for a fourth title, but his team T1 was defeated by DRX in the final. As compensation, Faker had the honor of playing his 100th Worlds match.

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