Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

The Issue: President Biden’s speech in Georgia on the filibuster and the Democrats’ voting-rights bill.

President Biden is misleading the American public by saying opposition to his voting-rights bills is denying the vote for minorities (“Joe’s Latest Pack of Lies,” Editorial, Jan. 12). That is totally incorrect.

For example, his bill would prevent the use of photo voter identification.

People need ID to get a driver’s license, take books out of the library or visit the doctor. Eighty percent of the American public believes voter ID is necessary for honest elections.

Charles Winfield

Princeton, NJ

This ridiculous notion that voting reforms are segregationist, racist and all-around anti-American is laughable.

Voting reform allows for great voter participation, integrity and security in the voting process. This never-ending demonization of those who support voting reforms is so polarizing and intellectually dishonest.

Biden is not the great unifier he marvels himself to be. Adding more fuel to the fire is his selective memory when it comes to the filibuster. He has used the filibuster to his advantage.

Look at how the president uses emotional and psychological blackmail to amp up his talking points. People are afraid to call him out because doing so will have you branded a racist.

Theresa O’Brien


Kudos to The Post for its recent editorial.

Biden’s appearance in Georgia supporting the clearly unconstitutional federalizing of state and local elections came across as shameless.

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party seeks to mandate universal mail-in balloting in all 50 states, and to bar individual states from passing certain voter-ID laws, calling such laws a form of voter suppression.

Asking out loud in Georgia whether we are on the side of Martin Luther King Jr. or George Wallace is pure political banter and a seemingly negative ploy to gin up the Democratic vote in the midterms through the use of fear.

Sal Giarranti

Boston, Mass.

Do you think for a minute the changes to federal voting laws the Democrats want will lead to fairer and less fraudulent elections? Don’t bet on it.

Increasing mail-in balloting, no photo-ID requirements and no signature verification will all help Democrats.

The gall of Biden to say state voting requirements are equivalent to Jim Crow 2.0 is beyond hypocritical.

Remember that Biden bragged that he had been praised by George Wallace, and he delivered a eulogy at Robert Byrd’s funeral.

Voting “reform” is just a blatant power grab by Democrats, fearful of a red wave in the midterms.

Walter Goldeski

East Brunswick, NJ

Since when is it Jim Crow to ask for photo voter ID?

Up to about three years ago, I had been a lifelong Democrat. My motto used to be, “I would rather fight than switch.” But not anymore.

My current motto is: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” As a result, I am now a proud, card-carrying Republican who no longer recognizes the Democratic Party.

And according to the new left-wing radical ideology, you are a racist, a terrorist and a white supremacist if you do not agree with the Marxist agenda of Democrats.

The American people are not buying in. And that is why states are going red.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

I can’t pick up a package at Best Buy unless I show my ID. I can’t drive a car without an ID. So why should I be able to vote without an ID? It’s just stupidity.

Biden wastes his political capital on things that are not reasonable.

Smart Democrats realize that one day they are not going to be in power, and they are going to need the filibuster to protect against legislation they don’t like.

The only way you accomplish anything in this country is through compromise, and that is what the filibuster demands.

Progressives, who are the modern Democratic Party, are too stupid to realize that.

Mindy Rader

New City

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