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The Princess Diaries 3 is Officially Picked by Disney


Gary Marshall directed the coming-of-age comedy The Princess Diaries in 2001. If you’re still among those who haven’t seen the first film in this cherished franchise, now could be the best moment given it’s been 21 years since it debuted in theatres.

First major film role for Anne Hathaway, and she did a fantastic job. She was able to depict the struggles of a teen girl trying to mature quickly, and her romance with Tom is a mainstay of Hollywood rom-coms.

Every child dreams of being a princess like Snow or Cinderella when they are young, however this is just fantasy.

This movie shows how a high school girl’s life can still be changed into something extraordinary by treating her like royalty and showing her the respect she deserves.


The movie has some moral teachings in it, but it’s not a particularly deep movie or has any significant morals, which is why it’s so dear to our hearts. This is why we have a special place in our hearts for this good-hearted franchise.

There have been many rumours regarding an upcoming Princess Diaries episode when the main ensemble gets back together for the royal antics in the current era.

Is There Going To Be A Princess Diaries 3?

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading to get a wonderful update on the franchise’s future.

According to a recent source, “The Princess Diaries 3” is now in production. It wouldn’t be the first instalment in a series of successful films starring Anne Hathaway.

Disney is coming back to revive the charm of Princess Diaries and enchant the younger generation with the newest Mia!

Sources claim that the upcoming Disney movie, which was written by Aadrita Mukerji and stars Anne Hathaway, is not a reboot but rather a continuation of the Anne Hathaway-starring series.

The most recent movie will be produced by Debra Martin Chase. Debra Martin Chase has produced a number of other films in addition to the first two Princess Diaries, most recently Godmothered.

Is Anne Hatheway Coming to Reprise in Princess Diaries 3?

The Other Woman and Godmothered were both written by Melissa Stack, who is also the screenwriter.

Hathaway has said that if the project progresses beyond the stage of a script, albeit she does not yet have a deal for the movie, she would like to star in it.

Hatheway was questioned about a potential third movie on the renowned chat show Watch What Happens Live in 2019. After years of rumours regarding the release of the third instalment of the movie, Hatheway enthusiastically agreed to have a script for the movie.

Julie Andrews on Princess Diaries 3

She said the original cast members are eager to join if the material is suitable for the target audience.

One of the most powerful characters is the well-known Queen Clarisse Renaldi from The Princess Diaries, Part 2.

Hatheway mentioned Julie Andrews’ intention to join the upcoming movie when the time is perfect in the third potential instalment.

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