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The Marilyn Manson Scandal: Alleged Sexual Abuse of A Minor in Court.


A complaint asserting that musician Marilyn Manson “sexually abused, sexually beat, sexually raped, and molested” adolescents and adults were filed in New York on Monday.

Manson allegedly followed the Jane Doe plaintiff when she was 16 and used his notoriety to “groom, dominate, and abuse” her, culminating in many sexual assaults throughout the course of their relationship, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday in New York state court. She alleges that Manson’s record label, Nothing Records (a branch of Interscope), failed to take action to stop its musicians from abusing her sexually.

Jane Doe claims that Manson brought her into his tour bus in September 1995, which is when she first met him. She afterward realized that she was just 16 years old. Plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time, was subjected to several unlawful acts of sexual conduct while on the tour bus, including but not limited to forced copulation and vaginal penetration,

according to the lawsuit. Doe claims that after sexually assaulting her, Manson “laughed at” her and told her to “get the fuck off my bus.” In the complaint, she also alleges that he threatened to kill her and her family “if she told anyone.”

The Marilyn Manson Scandal

The lawsuit claims that as soon as Doego got off the tour bus, a tour manager approached her and gave her a private 1-800 number to contact the band.

Doe alleges that after their initial meeting, Warner started calling her at home and pleading with her to send “explicit sexual photographs of her and her friends to his fan club.”

She asserts that he additionally coerced her into attending a performance in New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 9, 1995. Doe asserts in the complaint that following the performance, Manson asked her back into the tour van, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her once more.

The lawsuit claims the defendant “groomed Plaintiff by complimenting Plaintiff, playing with Plaintiff’s hair, and gazing at the photographs and sketches she brought with her.”

The complaint claims that Defendant Warner then escalated his behavior and assaulted the plaintiff sexually once again, biting, kissing, and penetrating her.

The Marilyn Manson Scandal

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On the vehicle at the time of Defendant Warner’s sexual assault on Plaintiff was another tour participant. This man, according to information and belief, worked for the defendants.

When Doe and Manson reconciled in 1999, he immediately urged her to join them on tour. According to the lawsuit, Manson cut her off from her social network and tempted her with drugs in order to frighten and dominate her.

According to the complaint, Defendant Warner forced Plaintiff to have intercourse with him while they were together on the tour and while they were in the State of New York, both during performances and on non-concert days.

The Marilyn Manson Scandal

Plaintiff was frequently coerced into having sex at once with defendant Warner and other band members or his helper. Defendant Warner gave the plaintiff drugs while limiting her movements, who she could touch, and who she could have sex with.

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The two companies “knew of Defendant Warner’s practice of sexually assaulting juveniles and assisted and enabled such activity,” the lawsuit states.

Prior to Nothing Records’ closure, Interscope, a division of Universal Media Group, was the label’s owner. The lawsuit also claims aggravated sexual assault, carelessness, and deliberate creation of mental distress as additional forms of abuse.

The Marilyn Manson Scandal

Jane Doe alleges that the abuse has significantly damaged her mental, physical, and emotional health. In addition to “unspecified losses,” she is claiming “economic loss, economic capability, and emotional loss.”

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