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Daniel Craig, Who Plays James Bond in The 007 Movies, Says, “this Is It. I No Longer Want to Do.”


Warning: This article contains information about the conclusion of No Time to Die and the future of the James Bond series.

Speaking on his choice to step down as James Bond following the release of the movie No Time To Die, Daniel Craig also discusses the circumstances that led him to choose that particular James Bond ending.

No Time to Die, the fifth and final film of Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond, was released in 2021, and it featured the character’s eventual suicide.

Craig played 007 in five different movies. The actor recently said in an interview that he had already planned how he wanted the character to wrap up their tale before filming even started on the first movie, which made its global debut in 2006.

I had truly imagined I would do one Bond movie, then it would be finished, he admitted to the Sunday Times after the Berlin premiere of “Casino Royale.” But by that point, we had already realized the scope of the franchise and felt we were onto a winner:

Barbara was asked, “How many more?” Three? Four? Four, she uttered. OK, I replied. Can I then put an end to him? She said, “Yes,” Craig remembered.

Daniel Craig would then appear in the movies Quantum of Solace in 2008, Skyfall in 2012, and Spectre in 2015 after his depiction in Casino Royale. The publication of No Time to Die was delayed until 2021 due to the Covid-10 outbreak. In the final chapter of one of the most popular James Bond franchises, Bond sacrifices his life for his family.

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This is it, he said as he started shooting the fifth movie in his reign as James Bond. I no longer desire to accomplish anything.

Craig asked Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who worked on the writing for the movie, to come up with a finale that showed James Bond’s compassion in order to give the spy a heroic ending. Despite being infected with nanobots that are supposed to kill his lover and their little daughter, Bond stays behind on an island. He knows that the island is about to be destroyed by missiles.

Star Daniel Craig Reveals

Craig also added that the idea of Bond giving his life showed another aspect of the character.

The character’s demise is explained by Craig in the manner described below:

The real tragedy, according to Craig, occurs when there is no other option.

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We needed to figure out a means to force his death. Because he had discovered what he was looking for, Bond was happy he had ever been. He was only looking for love, just like everyone else on Earth.

Even if the production business isn’t quite ready to embrace it at the time, killing Bond would also provide the cherished franchise the chance to present the rebirth of this renowned figure.

Craig added, “If we kill Bond, we can start over.” Barbara probably also had that thinking. But thank goodness MGM, the studio, asked, “What are you talking about?” Do you have a mental illness? There was hesitation. Therefore, we really had to execute it covertly.

Craig is currently appearing in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and seems happy with how his involvement in the 60-year-old franchise will come to a close. Craig will no longer play Bond, even though it is unclear when or how the Bond franchise will be refreshed.

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