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Brian Tyree Henry Gushes About His Friendship With Jamie Lee Curtis, Texts Her “l Love You’


On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 40-year-old Brian Tyree Henry talked extensively about his longtime connection with the 63-year-old actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Jimmy requested that the “Bullet Train” actor text the “Halloween” actress to see if she would react straight away after gushing about his incredible friendship with her. But he waited too long for her response. He also discussed “Causeway,” his newest film starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Jamie Is Brian’s Most Amazing Friend

After meeting Jamie Lee Curtis on Jimmy’s show, Marvel superhero Brian Tyree Henry arrived on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and opened up about their friendship. Jimmy brought up the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis, a 63-year-old actress, was a co-star on the programme alongside the Tony and Primetime Emmy candidate.

Jimmy enquired, “You were really thrilled about it.” TheSpider-Man: “I still am really psyched about her,” the Spider-Verseactor retorted. Jimmy remembered that Jamie and Brian had traded phone numbers. So it’s become a thing now, are you guys, he said.

It’s been one of the most incredible friendships I’ve ever had in my life, the 40-year-old star cut in, adding. I appreciate you.” Jimmy said he didn’t do anything, but Biran asserted that he did a lot. Brian acknowledged that Jamie texted him after he left Jimmy’s show because she recognised him from the billboard.

Texting Jamie “I Love You”

Jimmy prompted Brian to take out his phone and text Jamie Lee Curtis to see if she responds right away after he claimed he doesn’t text anyone. This is the craziest flex to do on yourself ever, Brian texted her. Jimmy made a joke about Jamie’s commercial while texting, “Ask Teller I am at the supermarket and they’re running out of Activia.”

I just want to say that I love you, Brian texted back. You’re going to get her divorced, Jimmy joked. Once more cracking a joke, Jimmy remarked, “Let me know if it buzzes, it just feels like an election night,” as he set the phone down. The 40-year-old celebrity admitted that he would be picky about his phone throughout the entire interview.

Brian was once more questioned on Jamie’s response to his SMS after several astrology-related discussions. It’s a single friendship, Brian emphasised. The conversation then turned to his television show “Atlanta,” the final episode of which aired yesterday. According to Jimmy, the programme is “essentially a psychological/physical clash with a wild pig.”

All About Causeway…

Then Jimmy showed a scene from Brian’s newest film, “Causeway,” which is accessible on Apple TV+. In Lila Neugebauer’s current American psychological drama film, the 40-year-old actor co-stars with Jennifer Lawrence. Henry’s performance in the film has garnered him universal acclaim.

Jimmy said of the new film, “I didn’t know before what to expect from the movie, you’re a funny person, and Jennifer Lawrence is really amusing as well. He also lauded Henry and Jennifer’s on-screen chemistry as being terrific. The main themes of the film include friendship, PTSD, pain, and loss.

Finding a connection was all that was necessary, according to Brian, who continues to be amazed by the people and locations he has encountered throughout his career. With regard to the proposals that were being offered to him, he admitted that he frequently had to pinch himself.

He went on to say that he feels like a typical North Carolina kid who never really imagined he’d be able to complete undertakings like this. Well, Brian has a tonne of talent, which speaks for itself. Sadly, Jamie didn’t respond, but Jimmy told Brian to say hello to her nonetheless.

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