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Ashley Tisdale Shocked to Find Best Friend Austin Butler Is Her Cousin


Recently, Ashley Tisdale learned that Austin Butler, who has been her best friend for nearly ten years, is actually her cousin! After they underwent a DNA test jointly, they made the unexpected discovery.

On one of the most recent episodes of the Ancestry s2 Lies and a Leafseries, Tisdale made an appearance. She learned that Butler was her tenth cousin at this point.

On the show, she was joined by her sister Jennifer Tisdale. Ashley Tisdale revealed to her sister that Austin and I frequently compare ourselves to fraternal twins who were born far apart because he is younger and we have always shared a bond. Butler is 31 years old, but Ashley is 37.

She was happily surprised when she said We’ve always said we were brother and sister because she had not anticipated that outcome! That is so absurd that I feel like crying.

Butler was referred to by Ashley as her best friend, and she added, “I’m telling you, when we first met, I was like Oh my God.” As soon as we met, we instantly felt like brothers and sisters.

When Tisdale received the surprising news, she quickly texted Butler, who replied, “No f king way.”

How Did They Meet?

On the set of the movie Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure in 2011, the future best friends got acquainted.

Although they played romantic rivals in the film, they never actually dated.

They Met After One and a Half Years

In actuality, Butler later dated Venessa Hudgens, a close friend of Tisdale. Before deciding to call it quits, the couple dated for more than nine years.

In 2021, Ashley Tisdale gave birth to a child with Christopher French. The infant’s name was Jupiter. Butler was unable to be with Tisdale for a variety of reasons, including COVID. Because it has been two and a half years since he has been home, he was unable to witness her pregnancy in person, but he FaceTimed her the entire time, making it seem as though he was present.

How Accurate Are The Ancestry Results?

TheElvisactor also attended the family celebration for the newest member. He even FaceTimed Jupiter in the hospital the morning after I gave birth to her, according to Ashley. He is one of my closest friends, and it is so wonderful to watch him with Juju.

Many people questioned whether Ashley and Butler actually were related or whether the story was made up to get people talking about them.

The likelihood of Ancestry getting a DNA test wrong is exceedingly small, according to their website. They also claimed that AncestryDNA typically has over 99 percent accuracy for each marker examined.

However, close relatives like parents or even second cousins are where DNA tests are most precise. Additionally, the majority of ancestry businesses only provide readings for the past 5-7 generations, although Tisdale and Butler are reputed to be distant relatives dating back over 10 generations.

The likelihood of error increases modestly as the generations advance. However, given how well they get along and how they have been best friends for more than a decade, there is still a very good likelihood that they are cousins.

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