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What is Joel Osteen Net Worth? How Much Has This Person Made in 2022!


Joel Osteen is a $105 million American preacher, televangelist, and author. Joel is a well-known pastor, author, and televangelist in the United States. People all throughout the world have praised his sermon. In addition, he is the author of numerous best-selling books in the United States. His annual salary will be $5 million in 2022.

His main source of income is as a celebrity preacher who preaches at several congregations, including his own Lakewood Church. His church earns $70 million per year. His church’s television program, which incorporates his sermons, has millions of viewers throughout the world, which helps him earn money

Personal Information:

Net Worth: $105 Million
Name: Joel Osteen
Salary: $5 Million +
Monthly Income: $0.5 Million +
Date of Birth: March 5, 1963
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 m. (5′ 5″)
Profession: Televangelist
Nationality: American

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Early Life and Childhood

joel osteen net worth

Joel Scott Osteen was born on March 5, 1963, in Texas, to John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim. Joel has five siblings. His father founded the Lakewood Church. He moved to Humble High School to finish his education and graduated in 1981. He moved on to Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma to get his bachelor’s degree.

Joel became head pastor of the Lakewood church after his father died in 1999. He was recently linked to a dispute after a plumber discovered $600,000 in cash packed between the walls at Joel Osteen’s home.


Joel’s father, a Southern Baptist minister, gave him the Lakewood Church and its television ministry. For 17 years, he developed Lakewood’s television show and produced his father’s TV sermons. John, his father, died after a heart attack in January 1999. Joel took over John’s job as a pastor and televangelist two weeks after his father died, despite having minimal formal religious training. Lakewood purchased the Compaq Center, the former home of the NBA Houston Rockets, in 2003. The renovations took over a year and cost over $105 million.

The grand opening was attended by 56,000 people, including celebrities like Texas Governor Rick Perry and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Osteen was named to Barbara Walters’s list of the 10 Most Fascinating People in 2006. The church’s weekly service TV feed was being watched in over 100 countries by 2008. In 2010, President Barack Obama invited Joel and his family to the White House for an Easter luncheon.

The Lakewood Church broadcast has grown enormously since then, and can now be seen in over 100 countries. Joel has taken his church and television ministry around the world. Every week, almost 50,000 people visit the church. The weekly television sermons of Joel Osteen are seen by an average of 7 million people each week and 20 million per month. Despite the fact that he lacks formal education, his father helped him polish his preaching talents. Osteen memorizes his sermons and then records himself listening to them. Osteen strives to teach Biblical ideas in a basic and straightforward manner, emphasizing the need for love and a good mindset.

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Personal Life

joel osteen net worth

On April 4, 1987, Osteen married Lakewood Church co-pastor Victoria off. The couple shares two children. Osteen’s older siblings and younger sister work full-time in ministry as well.

Osteen normally avoids preaching on contentious and political subjects such as gay marriage and abortion, but he has noted that the church can often get unduly focused on one issue to the exclusion of others. He has claimed that he is against homophobia. Osteen has also shown his admiration for Israel. The band The American Dollar sued Osteen and Lakewood Church for copyright infringement in 2011. Osteen was found guilty by a judge.

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 Joel Osteen’s Net Worth

Joel Osteen has a net worth of roughly $105 million. Joel is a well-known pastor, author, and televangelist in the United States. People all throughout the world have praised his sermon. In addition, he is the author of numerous best-selling books in the United States.

Joel has been able to make money from his novels. His books were reportedly best sellers. He has also appeared in a few television shows, which has helped him earn money.

Joel enjoys living a high life. He owns a Ferrari and resides in a $10.5 million estate in River Oaks. He is claimed to own a number of other properties in Houston and River Oaks.

Joel Osteen’s Residence

Detractors on social media like to point out that Joel, his wife Victoria, and their kids reside in a 17,000-square-foot estate in the Houston suburbs. In 2010, the Osteens allegedly paid $10.5 million for the house. The house is between $14 To $16 million, according to Zillow.

They still own a $3 million former Houston mansion.

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