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What is Erin Brockovich’s Net Worth? Real-Time Update on American Environmental Activists in 2022


Brockovich was born in Lawrence, Kansas, on June 22, 1960. Betty Jo Pattee, her mother, was a journalist, and Frank Pattee, her father, was an industrial engineer. She is the youngest of three siblings, with two brothers and one sister. She attended Kansas State University after graduating from Lawrence High School and then went to Wade College in Dallas, Texas, where she earned an Associate in Applied Arts degree.

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Erin Brockovich’s Personal Life

Brockovich has had three marriages. Shawn Brown, her first husband, is the father of her two children, Matthew and Katie. Her third child, Elizabeth, was born after she married Steven Brockovich. She married actor and musician Eric L. Ellis after their romance ended. Brockovich now lives in Agoura Hills, California, in the same house, she bought after the initial PG&E case was settled.

Erin Brockovich’s Net Worth

Erin Brockovich is an American environmental activist and legal clerk with a net worth of $10 million. Erin Brockovich is well known for bringing a case against California’s Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

What is Erin Brockovich's Net Worth? Real-Time Update on American Environmental Activist in 2022

The lawsuit involved hexavalent chromium pollution of drinking water in the Hinkley, California community. The case was settled for $333 million in 1996, making it the highest direct-action lawsuit settlement in US history at the time.

Erin Brockovich’s Career

Brockovich worked at K-Mart and then competed in a beauty contest before starting employment as a legal secretary for California lawyer Edward L. Masry. She started looking into a cluster of ailments among Hinkley, California residents in 1993. A compressor station was built in Hinkley in 1952 as part of a natural-gas pipeline. Pacific Gas & Electric utilized hexavalent chromium to combat corrosion in the station between 1952 and 1966, then dumped the wastewater into unlined ponds near the site, where it percolated into groundwater.

Residents in the two-square-mile area surrounding the facility had unusually high levels of illness, and Brockovich was important in assembling the case against PG & E. The case was settled for $333 million in 1996, making it the highest direct-action lawsuit payout in US history.

Brockovich’s work on the case prompted Julia Roberts to play the lead character in the 2000 feature film “Erin Brockovich.” The film received five Academy Award nominations, with Roberts winning Best Actress for her depiction of Brockovich. In 2001, she also released her first book, “Take It From Me: Life Is a Struggle, But You Can Win.”

Brockovich continued to work with Edward Masry after the case and was involved in a number of subsequent anti-pollution litigation. One of these cases targeted PG&E for another of its California compressor facilities. In 2006, this case was settled for $335 million. She’s also worked on cases involving pollution and other environmental issues tied to human ailments in Missouri, Texas, and New York.

Brockovich’s service in the legal sector has been acknowledged with a number of honorary degrees, despite the fact that she never attended law school. She received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, in May 2005. She was also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters by Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, as well as an Honorary Master of Arts by Jones International University in Colorado.

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Brockovich was prominently featured in the documentary “Last Call at the Oasis” in 2012, which focused on water pollution, shortage, and policy in the United States. Brockovich’s second book, “Superman’s Not Coming,” was released in August 2020. “Rebel,” a 2021 television series partly based on Brockovich’s life, is likewise loosely based on her life.

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