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What is Debbi Fields Net Worth? How Rich is the American Entrepreneur in 2022 – Let’s Find Out


Debbi Fields has a net worth of $200 million dollars and is an American entrepreneur and author. Debra Jane Sivyer, the youngest of five children, was born in Oakland, California, in 1956. Debbi Fields is best known for founding the global cookie brand Mrs. Fields. She was one of the first ball ladies for the Oakland Athletics in the 1960s, and she utilized her five-dollar-an-hour wage to start her cookie business at the age of thirteen. Fields married her first husband, Randy Fields when she was 19 years old.

What is Debbi Fields Net Worth? How Rich is the American Entrepreneur in 2022 - Let's Find Out

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She started her cookie business as a 20-year-old housewife in Palo Alto, California, in 1977. She and Randy have a total of five daughters together. In 1997, they divorced. Fields’ cookie baking business would eventually grow to over 650 bakeries in the United States and close to 100 in other countries. The business was franchised in 1990 and then sold in the early 1990s. Fields is still the company’s spokesperson.

She has written a number of cookbooks, including the first to ever reach the top of the “New York Times” bestseller list. Her mantra, “Good Enough Never Is,” is well-known. From 1998 until his death in 2017, Fields and her second husband, former Holiday Inn, and Harrah’s CEO Michael Rose were married. They spent the majority of their lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Debbi Fields Real Estate

They also owned a 500-acre property in Aspen, Colorado, which they sold for $25 million in 2008 and subsequently for $28 million in 2010. Michael paid $4.8 million for the undeveloped acreage in 1993. In 2002, they constructed an 11,000-square-foot mansion influenced by Japanese design.

Michael began his legal career in Cincinnati, where he represented one of the major Holiday Inn franchise owners. Michael was later named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the struggling Holiday Inn parent business as a result of that relationship. Holiday Corp-owned Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, and Harrah’s Casinos under his tenure.

What is Debbi Fields Net Worth? How Rich is the American Entrepreneur in 2022 - Let's Find Out

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Debbie and her first husband owned a 200,000-acre ranch in Utah in the 1980s, which was a point of dispute during their divorce. After years of neglect and unpaid taxes, the couple fought furiously over who should truly own the ranch, and it was eventually lost to foreclosure. The ranch, which had been idle for a decade while the dispute raged, was purchased at auction in 2011 for $3.5 million. The ranch was put on the market for $45 million in September 2019 after years of refurbishment.

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