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What is Chris Wallace’s Net Worth in 2022? Fox News Reporter’s Personal Life, Salary, Property Investment

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Chris Wallace is a well-known TV anchor and journalist who currently works as one of the anchors of Fox News Sunday. His estimated net worth in 2012 was $6 million. He is paid a one-million-dollar annual compensation. Chris Wallace has earned the Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton Award and three Emmy Awards during his career as a journalist.

Chris Wallace went on to work as a reporter for WNBC-TV after graduation, and then as a political correspondent for NBC News shortly after. He joined the Today show in 1982 as a co-anchor. Chris Wallace has also been on Primetime Thursday and Nightline, among other news shows.

Chris Wallace is a divorced man. He married Elizabeth Farrell for the first time. Catherine, Andrew, Peter, and Margaret are the names of their four children. Lorraine Smothers was his second wife. Lorraine has two children from prior relationships, but they haven’t had a kid together.

News from Fox

Chris Wallace departed ABC in 2003 to start his own show, “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” after a long and successful career with the network. Over time, he established himself as one of the network’s most trustworthy and impartial anchors. He is a registered Democrat but identifies as a Republican more often. He enrolled as a Democrat, according to reports, because he believed it was the most effective approach to influence local D.C. elections.

He did scores of high-profile interviews throughout his time at Fox. He got the first interview with Barack Obama on Fox News in 2009. He co-moderated the Republican Presidential Debate in 2016. He was the first person to interview Donald Trump after he was elected president.

Chris notably questioned Russian politician Vladimir Putin in a 2018 interview on why so many of his political opponents die. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Live Interview for his performance in the interview.

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Chris shocked the world when he announced his departure from Fox News on December 12, 2021. He was apparently at odds with Fox executives behind the scenes about some of his co-anchor’s viewpoints.

Chris Wallace’s Net Worth

Chris Wallace has a net worth of $25 million USD. He is an American television anchor, novelist, and journalist. Prior to joining Fox News in 2003, he spent 14 years working for ABC.

“Fox News Sunday” was his show, which aired on Fox Broadcasting networks and Fox News. On December 12, 2021, Chris unexpectedly resigned from Fox.

Chris is a bit of a puzzle to figure out. He is a conservative Fox News reporter who is a registered Democrat.

He was born to Jewish parents but is now married to a Catholic and keeps a rosary on his nightstand, which he touches and prays over every night.

Chris is one of the rare journalists who has worked for all four major television networks throughout his career (technically he worked for CBS as an intern, but it still counts).

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Chris Wallace earned a maximum of $7 million a year at Fox News. According to rumors at the time of the deal’s announcement, his previous Fox contract was signed in September 2017 and lasted many years past the 2020 election. It’s unknown whether he’ll keep receiving his pay after quitting in December 2021, or if he’ll walk away with millions of dollars.

Life in General

Chris is a divorced father who has been through two marriages. He had four children with Elizabeth Farrell, whom he married in 1973. Lorraine Martin Smothers is Chris’s wife, and they’ve been married since 1997. Dick Smothers, a comic, singer, and actor, was Lorraine’s previous spouse (of the Smothers Brothers).

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Property Development

Chris and Lorraine bought a 5,000-square-foot estate in one of Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious neighborhoods for $1.1 million in 1997. Barack Obama and Ivanka Trump would also buy homes in the neighborhood years later. According to similar sales, Chris’ house is now worth between $4-6 million.

Chris and Lorraine also live on the water in Annapolis, Maryland. For many years, he spent his vacations on Martha’s Vineyard, where his birth father, Mike Wallace, owned a magnificent beachside estate.

Chris later revealed that he and Lorraine contemplated purchasing a holiday property in Martha’s Vineyard, but were upset by frequently missed connections and aircraft delays. As a result, they chose Annapolis, which is only an hour or two from Washington, D.C. (depending on traffic).

Chris’ Fox News commitments required him to film on Sunday mornings at the time of purchase, so having a vacation property nearby was a huge plus.

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