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What is Stephen Deleonardis Net Worth? How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

stephen deleonardis net worth

Stephen Deleonardis, also known as SteveWillDoit, has a net worth of $5 million. He is an Instagram celebrity and influencer from the United States.

After posting his pranks and challenging films, he becomes well-known. Even his social media handle, Steve Will Do, implies that he is willing to perform whatever deed that his viewers and audience request.

He is known for his Instagram challenges, such as downing a complete bottle of vodka in a short amount of time. His annual salary will be $250,000 in 2022. His YouTube channel, other social media platforms, corporate endorsements, and numerous sponsorships are his main sources of revenue.

Personal Information:

Net Worth: $5 Million
Name: Stevewilldoit
Salary: $250,000 +
Monthly Income: $20,000 +
Date of Birth: August 26, 1998
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 M. (5′ 5″)
Profession: YouTuber
Nationality: American

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Early Life and Childhood

Stevewilldoit, originally Stephen Deleonardis, was born in Oviedo, Florida, on August 26, 1998. He has a brother, Rocco, and a sister, Briana, whom he grew up with.

Deleonardis went to Oviedo High School, although his primary interest was content creation. He created amusing challenge videos on Instagram, but the platform kept eliminating them.

He turned to YouTube to keep generating content and posted it there. In 2019, he began uploading videos on YouTube under the name Stevewilldoit. Steve had no trouble coming up with a name because there was nothing he wouldn’t do for the camera.

With this attitude and philosophy, he would become a fan favorite and one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet.

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Steve is a YouTuber, an Instagram model, and a content developer. He began filming videos in 2017. He used to use Instagram to share his challenge videos. Later, he founded the ‘SteveWillDoIt’ YouTube channel. Videos of him taking massive amounts of cannabis or food may be found on his channel. He posts the entire challenge video to YouTube rather than just the brief clips on Instagram.

He’s also a member of NELK entertainment, a popular Canadian YouTube channel known for prank films. His most popular video, titled ‘I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym,’ has over 10 million views. His Instagram account has 1.8 million followers, and he has roughly 30 thousand followers on Twitter.

Demi Lovato attacked one of Steve’s videos in which he was shown drinking heavily. This irritated Steve, causing a minor spat between them, and Demi Lovato went on to ban him. Steve got her face tattooed on his thigh after that. In July, he made headlines once more when rapper 6ix9ine presented him with a limited edition McLaren MSO X. When Steve and Celina reconciled in October 2021, they were back in the spotlight.

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Personal Life

According to his Instagram bio, Steve is the healthiest man alive. This demonstrates his fitness obsession. He is close to his father, and he previously tweeted about how, at the age of 22, he made his parents financially independent by providing them with their dream automobiles and all they want. Anyone who knows or follows Steve knows that he has had an on-again, off-again romance with his high school love Celina.

She shot to fame after being featured on his Instagram and YouTube channels. Celina is a popular personality on Only Fans and an aspiring Instagram model. She is a native of Los Angeles and is of Puerto Rican descent. After suspicions of Celina cheating on Steve surfaced, the couple split up. He did, however, refer to her as his girlfriend in a recent YouTube video. Fans are relieved that they have been repaired. This information has been positively received by his admirers and followers.

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Stevewilldoit 2022 Net Worth

Stevewilldoit’s net worth is $5 million as of April 2022. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers, which contributes to his net worth. Other content makers have recognized him, and he has collaborated with rappers such as Tekashi 6ix9ine. He’s only been on YouTube for two years and is already a celebrity. Stevewilldoit’s channel is likely to be successful for many years to come.


Don’t allow a single “no” to deter you:

Steve attempted to post on Instagram but was denied. Rather than feeling sorry for himself and losing his confidence. He simply switched platforms and is now worth millions. “No” is only two letters and one word; who cares if you’re turned down. Continue on; don’t allow that one “no” to deter you from attaining your objectives.

I’m taking over YouTube was Steve’s debut video. He materialized his beliefs, and they became reality. Be your biggest cheerleader and build yourself up till your ambition becomes a reality.

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