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American socialite, art collector, and star of the reality television program Southern Charm Patricia Altschul was born on April 16, 1941. She is the widow of Arthur G. Altschul, a well-known art collector, and philanthropist who was a former partner at Goldman Sachs.

The New York Historical Society and Historic Hudson Valley are only two of the nonprofit organizations that Mrs. Altschul has served on the board of directors or as a trustee (the Rockefeller Family properties).

Altschul received the Police Athletic League of New York City’s Woman of the Year for Philanthropy award in 2012. For her repair of the historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston, South Carolina, she was given a Carolopolis Award in 2013 by the Preservation Society of Charleston.


Net Worth: $50 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 16, 1941 (81 years old)
Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Florida
Profession: Socialite, television personality, former art dealer
Nationality: American

Teresa Altschul Patricia Altschul is an American socialite and reality television star with a $50 million net worth.

She is most known for her intense involvement in the art world and her appearances on Whitney Sudler-successful Smith’s Bravo reality series “Southern Charm” (2014–present). Altschul is a former socialite from Manhattan who is now based in Charleston. “Southern Charm” viewers love her for her enthusiasm and entertaining running commentary on her son’s life.

The Patricia Altschul Luxury Collection, which is marketed as “where luxury meets accessible,” was introduced in 2020 after Patricia published the book “The Art of Southern Charm” in 2017.

Early Years

patricia altschul net worth

On April 16, 1941, Patricia Madelyn Day was born in Jacksonville, Florida. She later became Patricia Altschul. She went to Marymount School and Olney Friends School while growing up in Richmond, Virginia, with her mother Francis, and father Walter (a doctor). Patricia received her bachelor’s degree in archaeology and her master’s degree in art history from George Washington University, both of which she received with honors.

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Patricia worked at George Washington University as an instructor and subsequently as an assistant professor of art history after receiving her master’s degree. Later, she became the owner of Arcadia, a private art gallery in Georgetown. In 2010, Altschul had an appearance in the Whitney Altschul-written and -directed documentary “Ultrasuede:

In Search of Halston.” A “real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives” in Charleston, South Carolina, is what viewers can see on the reality TV program “Southern Charm,” which Whitney produced in 2014. Patricia was asked to participate by him, and as of the time of this writing, she has participated in more than 60 episodes of the show.

Altschul was said to be a “straight shooter with a solid background and a tonne of power to fling around” by TV critic Christine Lo. Patricia has also made appearances on “Celebrity Page,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Bravo TV Official Site” “Watch What Happens: Live,” and the documentary “The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo” (2020). Her Patricia Altschul Luxury Collection, which includes apparel, pillows, throws, and another home decor, is offered for sale on the Home Shopping Network.

Рerѕоnаl Lifе

Dating, a boyfriend, a husband, and an older woman were all married to L. from 1962 to 1979 when she gave birth to her only child. Whitney Under the Matter. They shared a home in Fall Hurch and Clean, Virginia. Later, she was wed to a man named Todd. Fleming from 1989 to 1995, experienced a mutually amicable divorce. Dr Flming was a psychiatrist who also established the American and Wyoming psychological institutes.

patricia altschul net worth

She married Arthur Litchul in 1996. From 1959 to 1977, he served as the general partner of Goldman Sachs and Company. He was also a very renowned art collector, and the two of them had a history of amassing a great deal of artwork. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002. Since that time, Patricia Altschul has never been discovered to remarry.


Altschul has won a few victories in her life thus far. She received the Woman of the Year Award from the Police Athletic League of New York State in 2012, and after witnessing her stunning restoration of the historic Saac Skinner Kell House in Harrison, she received a Saropol Award from the Harrison Preservation Society.

Real Estate

The Altschuls bought a Long Island estate in 1997, and Patricia sold it for $12.5 million in 2009. She purchased the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston for $4.8 million in 2008. The 9,500-square-foot, 10-bedroom house was formerly a library and was constructed in 1853.

Patricia allegedly spent more than $5 million renovating the historic property, for which she was given a Pro Merito Award/Carolopolis Award in 2013 by the Preservation Society of Charleston. A listing on the National Register of Historic Places was made for the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in 2014.

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Some Interesting Facts You Need to Know 1) She participated primarily in “Southern Harm” at her sibling’s urging.

2) She shows the least amount of interest when she is projected on a screen and prefers to be authentic without the need to enhance her flaws.

3) Serious revival of the skill In 2014, the address was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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