What Is Mike Judge Net Worth? Let’s Dig Into This Person’s Lavish Life!

In addition to his many other talents, Mike Judge is a multi-talented entertainer with a fortune in the seventy-five-million-dollar range. In the early 1990s, Mike Judge rose to fame as the creator of the animated sitcom “Beavis and Butt-Head”. The Goode Family and Silicon Valley were later co-created with him. In addition, Judge has directed films including “Office Space,” “Idiocracy,” and “Extract,” among many others.

Early Life

Mike Judge was the third of three children born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1962. Both Margaret and William worked as librarians, while William, an archaeologist who was also working for a non-profit in Ecuador, was his mother’s co-worker. St. Pius X High School in New Mexico welcomed Judge when he was just seven years old. When he finished high school, he went to the University of California in San Diego, earning his Bachelor of Science in Physics there.

After graduating from college, Judge worked in physics and mechanical engineering for a short time before becoming disillusioned with the field. Anson Funderburgh’s blues band hired him as a bassist in 1987 after he relocated to Silicon Valley to join a nascent video card company, but he left after less than three months. Upon moving to Richardson, Texas, in 1989, he acquired a 16mm film camera and began making his first animated shorts.

Net Worth

mike judge net worth


With an estimated net worth of $75 million, Mike Judge is a well-known and well-respected American animator, screenwriter, director, producer, and voice actor. Beavis and Butthead, the Goode Family, and King of the Hill were the three most popular television shows he created and starred in.

It wasn’t until Comedy Central picked up his short film Office Space, which was eventually turned into a feature film, that he found success as an animator. It wasn’t until afterward that his short film Office Space encouraged him to create a feature-length film as both writer, animator, and director on several TV shows. As soon as the film was released in 1999, it was hailed as one of the greatest comedies of our time.

Idiocracy and Extract were the next two films he directed. Mike Judge is also well-known for his work as one of the Spy Kids.

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mike judge net worth

The University of California, San Diego graduate worked briefly in physics and mechanical engineering after graduating in 1985 but soon found himself bored with the field.

When he arrived in Silicon Valley in 1987, he worked for a video card firm called Parallax Graphics, which had about 40 workers in Santa Clara. Being displeased with both the corporate culture and his coworkers “The women I met reminded me of the Stepford Wives.

Regardless of what it was, they were fervent adherents “), Judge resigned from his position as a bassist in a traveling blues band after only three months.  At the University of Texas at Dallas, where he was taking graduate math classes, Anson Funderburgh’s band Rack ‘Em Up released their 1990 Black Top Records album “Rack ‘Em Up”.  A trip to a cinema-inspired Judge to buy a 16 mm film camera and begin making his own animated shorts at home in Richardson, Texas, where he now lives.

Shortly after a Dallas animation festival in 1991, Comedy Central[9] bought his short film “Office Space” (also known as the Milton series of films). While working with Doyle Bramhall in the 1990s, he played bass.

As part of MTV’s 1990s animation showcase Liquid Television, he created the short film Frog Baseball[9], which featured Beavis and Butt-Head. Because of the short, Judge was able to write and direct the majority of the episodes for the Beavis and Butt-Head series on MTV, in which he voiced both the title characters and most of the supporting cast.

Beavis and Butt-Head, two socially inept, heavy metal-loving, want to be delinquent teenagers from the fictitious Texas town of Highland, are the focus of the show. Their lack of morality and empathy for each other is apparent since they have no adult supervision, are dimwitted, sex-obsessed, illiterate, and barely literate. Beavis and Butt-combination Heads of filthy humor and veiled criticism of society earned both positive and negative reactions from the public over its run.

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Personal  Life

When Francesca Morocco and Judge married in 1989, they had two kids and a son, and they separated in 2009; they remarried in 2012.

“The Animation Show” has been run by Judge and fellow animator Don Hertzfeldt since 2003. There were over 200 stops in North America during the first season, with everything from traditional favorites to cutting-edge computer animation on display.

Real Estate

For $4.5 million, Judge purchased a 3,700-square-foot Santa Monica property in 2011. His and her baths, a terrace with views of the pool, and a hot tub were part of the master bedroom’s amenities. A small guest house with a fully-equipped gym was located outside. It’s also worth noting that Judge has two homes in Texas: an Austin mansion of 7,300 square feet and a Malibu ranch of 3,696 square feet with six bedrooms, a huge pool, and an attached guest house.

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