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What Is Mellody Hobson Net Worth? the Rise of The Personality – Check out Now


An American businesswoman, Mellody Hobson, with a net worth in excess of $100 million. When Mellody married George Lucas in 2013, she became a household name across the country.

Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is where Mellody Hobson received her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She rose to the positions of Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing after joining Ariel Invesments, LLC. In her first year as president, she was in charge of a portfolio worth more than $3 billion. As the Chairman of the Ariel Mutual Funds Board of Trustees, she serves on the boards of other organizations, including the Sundance Institute and the Chicago Public Library.

In addition, she serves on the boards of Starbucks, Groupon, and Estee Lauder as a director. A regular guest on “Good Morning America,” she is the Chairman of Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. In 2004, the Wall Street Journal named her one of its “50 Women to Watch.”

Early Life

Hobson was born in Chicago on April 3, 1969, to a single mother who had six children. She was embarrassed by her family’s position and never allowed her friends around. According to an interview, her mother’s “very terrible financial judgments” shaped her into the person she is now and led her to become obsessed with money management, a passion that eventually led her to pursue a career in finance.

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Net Worth

mellody hobson net worth

As of 18 January 2022, Mellody L Hobson’s estimated Net Worth was $2.56 Million USD. Over the past 17 years, Ms. Hobson has sold more than $0 worth of JPMorgan Chase & Co shares, totaling over 670 units. JPMorgan Chase & Co. also pays her $400,000 as an Independent Director.
According to the Form 4 filed with the SEC, Mellody has made over 34 trades in JPMorgan Chase & Co. stock since 2006. On January 18th, 2022, she purchased 670 shares of JPMorgan Chase stock valued at $100,286.


mellody hobson net worth

CEO of Starbucks and CEO of Ariel Investments are two of her many roles. Mellody worked as Ariel’s president and chairman of the board of trustees for Ariel Investment Trust for two decades prior to her formal appointment as co-CEO. Additionally, she is a regular guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show where she gives money advice, and she writes a regular column for the Black Enterprise magazine.
In addition, she serves on the board of JPMorgan Chase. As a child, Hobson was born into poverty, but she made it her purpose to succeed and help others invest their money wisely.

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Personal Life

mellody hobson net worth

In Marin County, California, Mellody Hobson and her husband own a Skywalker Ranch, where they had their wedding. In 2013, Hobson married George Lucas, a film director, and producer. As of August 2013, they have a daughter, “Everest Hobson Lucas,” born via surrogacy. She makes it a point to prevent what she has gone through in the past from affecting anyone else.


Once, she mentioned that she wished she could do something to help the financial anxieties of others. This year’s Time 100 list, the magazine’s annual selection of the world’s most influential people, recognized Hobson as a Laureate of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois, and she is widely regarded as a role model for thousands of individuals. Ebony Magazine’s ’20 leaders of the future and many others. ‘

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