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What is Matthew Santoro Net Worth? How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

matthew santoro net worth

Matthew Santoro, a popular YouTuber with over 6.3 million subscribers, gets a lot of money from the online advertisements on his channel. He worked as an accountant before dedicating himself full-time to his YouTube channel. He graduated from Brock University with a Master of Accountancy.

As of 2022, his projected net worth is around $3 million.

Personal Information:

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Matthew Santoro’s Early Years

Matthew Santoro was born in the city of New York on July 16, 1985. He’ll be 37 years old in 2022. Santoro grew up in Welland, Ontario, before moving to St. Catharines and then to Toronto in May 2015.

Santoro is a Notre Dam College graduate. In 2010, he received his Master of Accountancy from Brock University.

Matthew relocated to Los Angeles in early 2017 and stayed for three years. He did, however, declare that he will return to Toronto on June 27, 2020, citing concerns about living in Los Angeles as well as a desire to be closer to his family as reasons for his choice.


He became an accountant after graduating in 2010, and he also began filming YouTube videos.

Santoro was fired in 2012. Rather than looking for another accounting work, he made a YouTube video called I Lost My Job Today and concentrated exclusively on his online career. The majority of his videos combine both entertainment and knowledge. His 50 Amazing Facts series is particularly well-known. His videos always have adverts in them, which is how he makes money from the channel.

His most famous video is 10 Creepy Urban Legends That Actually Exist! Over 10.5 million people have viewed this video. His video on how to stop procrastinating is also very popular.

Matthew released a video titled My Abuse Story in early 2016. Santoro alleges he was assaulted both mentally and physically in a past relationship. Although he did not name his abusive ex-girlfriend, many assumed he was referring to another well-known vlogger. Soon after, his friend Rob Gavagan (né Dyke) claimed on Wikipedia that the “unnamed partner” referenced in the video was Nicole Arbour.

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Married Life

Little is known about Mathew’s personal life. One of the main reasons is that he keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret. However, according to sources, he dated another YouTuber, Nicole Arbour, but the relationship ended after a while.

Marital status Unmarried
Ex-Girlfriend Nicole Arbour

Matthew Santoro’s Girlfriend Controversy

Matthew’s only known girlfriend is Nicole Arbour, another YouTuber. They dated for more than a year before breaking up in late 2015. In January 2016, the freshly divorced couple became embroiled in a significant scandal after Matthew made public a video he had published in September 2015.

In the video, Matthew talked about his nameless aggressive ex-girlfriend, who punched him in the face. He stated how the person had isolated him from his friends and family, making him feel useless. The video went viral almost immediately after it was made public.

Many of his fans and viewers supported him and praised him for sharing such a sensitive story. Nicole, his ex, promptly responded with a video addressing the situation. She said Matthew’s claim was incorrect and that there was no domestic violence.

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Matthew Santoro’s Net Worth

Matthew Santoro is a YouTube personality from Canada who has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. He worked as an accountant before launching his YouTube career, which he ended after he had enough money to support himself. Santoro has three YouTube channels: Matthew Santoro Vlogs, Santoro Gaming, and his main channel.

However, because they were smaller, they did not generate as much revenue. That said, Matthew makes the most of his money from his primary YouTube channel, where he publishes humorous facts videos twice a week.

Matthew has a unique perspective on life, and after starting his employment in 2010, he focused on his YouTube channel. In terms of net wealth, he has made tremendous progress since that period.

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