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Mark Angel Net Worth: Nigerian Comedian Income, Net Worth Awards and Other Updates!


Nigerian comedian, playwright, and video producer Mark Angel are well known for his YouTube shorts series, Mark Angel Comedy. African comedy’s first million-subscriber YouTube channel was run by African comedian Angel.

He is well-known on social media for his Mark Angel Comedy videos, and in 2017 his YouTube channel became the first African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers.

The majority of Mark Angel’s videos feature his niece, Emmanuella, and his sister, Aunty Success, as child comedians. He is a professional cameraman and co-owner of a production company, despite being a college dropout.

When it comes to art, Mark Angel knows where he comes from. One of the reasons he’s so popular and successful is because he features his hometown of Port Harcourt in his films.

Early Life

Born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria’s southernmost state, Mark Angel grew up there. He is, nevertheless, descended from the Orlu Igbo people of Imo State. Born on May 27 of 1991, he is currently 27 years old.

He was raised by his aunt, Success, and a younger sibling in a typical family. Mark Angel’s lifelong ambition was to be a physician.
Mark Angel attended a local school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, for both primary and secondary education.

However, his uncle’s abrupt but unfortunate death cut short the way to his dream’s realization. He helped to pay for Mark Angel’s medical school tuition at the University.

Net Worth

Around $1.25 million, Angel’s net worth is estimated to be. Comedic work is the mainstay of his financial resources. As the most popular YouTube channel in Africa, his channel is a major source of his income. He also writes scripts for other artists, for which he is compensated.

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In order to get where he is now, Mark Angel had to first understand the basics of photography. While in India, he studied cinematography and theatre. The Nigerian film business failed to provide him with a decent-paying position upon his return to Nollywood. This led him to decide to go it alone and open his own production company.


In Oga Landlord, Mark Angel’s first well-known shot, a guy who is late on his rent tries to hide from his landlord as a youngster, and Emmanuella tries in vain to cover for him.

Nigerian comedian Emmanuella has received numerous prizes for her work with Mark Angel, making her Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner. His popularity in Nigeria skyrocketed as a result of the skit.

For Mark Angel, the majority of his work is done with a variety of camera formats and close-up photography. This “freestyle comedy” style of filming incorporates camera shakes to create a more authentic and relatable look.

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Mark Angel has established himself as one of Nigeria’s most talented stand-up comics. Over 15 million people have seen his films on YouTube since he started posting them in 2012. A star in the entertainment sector who has failed to keep his awards list up to date, despite his success.

Even though his channel had over one million subscribers in 2017, it was plagued by YouTube 2017. This was the first time a Nigerian YouTube channel has made it to this point.

He shoots his humor in the neighborhood where he grew up, which reflects his upbringing and connects him to other Nigerians.

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