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How to Stitch on Tiktok and Add Other Users’ Videos to Your Own!


How Does Tik Tok’s Stitch Work?

TikTok’s stitch function lets users take segments of videos created by other users and paste them into their own. It’s a convenient way to bring attention to the work of others in order to make a critical observation or offer an alternative take on the same concept.

TikTok relies on user input to function. Every day brings a new trend, and nearly all videos employ music that was preselected for them; and that’s not even counting the enormously popular Duet feature, which makes you the virtual star of someone else’s film.

Check out the Stitch function if you’re interested in working with other users of TikTok. By using stitching, you can cut a segment from another video and place it at the beginning of your own. It works wonderfully for “reaction videos,” in which you share your thoughts and feelings in response to someone else’s video.

  1. A Guide to TikTok Stitchinghow to stitch on tiktok
  2. . Locate the clip you wish to combine, and then select the arrow-shaped Share to stitch on tiktok
  3. Then, from the resulting menu, choose the Stitch icon, and give the video a few moments to finish processing. The time required for this increases with the length of the to stitch on tiktok
  4. At the end of the process, you’ll be taken to a page where you can extract five seconds of the video for your own purposes. To skip to a certain part of the video, use the red bars at the bottom of the screen and the slider there to navigate. When you’re ready, select the Next button.
  5. The fourth step is to enter the TikTok recording interface as you would normally. Tap the checkmark once you’ve finished recording your TikTok video using all of the usual tools.
  6. Fifth, modify the video in any way you like by including special effects, text, stickers, voiceovers, and captions. To proceed, use the Next button.
  7. Add a title and some tags to your TikTok. You can also block the option for other users to Stitch your movie by tapping the toggle switch next to Allow to stitch on tiktok
  8. Then, after step 7, you can simply click “Post” to upload your finished, stitched video.

How to turn Stitch off and on

Allowing other users to Stitch your videos opens the door for millions of people to respond directly to your videos. This can increase your video reach and engagement, which might get your video onto the coveted For You Page (FYP) or even improve your chances of going viral.

The internet can be intimidating, though. When you open the door to collaborations, you are welcoming potential criticism. Since you can’t choose what kind of responses you get, those who want to protect their privacy or avoid negative interactions might want to disable the feature.

Luckily, you can easily adjust these permissions via the Privacy and Safety page under “Settings and Privacy”. Here, you can choose to enable or disable Stitch for all videos on your account.

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Can a Previously Recorded Video Be Used for Stitch on Tik Tok?

Stitch is only compatible with already recorded videos or previously uploaded TikToks. You can use any video on TikTok, including ones you’ve already saved, as long as the original author enabled Stitch for their video; however, your response must be recorded within the app itself.

You can’t Stitch video or photos that have already been saved to your camera roll. Download the video you want to Stitch and edit it together with your response as a regular TikTok video if you want to use something from your camera roll while responding to a video. The algorithm will not detect this as a Stitch and it will not automatically connect back to the source video.

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