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Gary the Goat(jimbo Bazoobi) Net Worth: Australian Comedy Early Life, Career and Many More Updates!


One of Australia’s most popular comedy duos was Gary the Goat and Jimbo Bazoobi. With over 1.7 million Facebook “likes,” they launched their comedy career in 2011 with the help of social media.

In addition to his Fortnite mobile streams and content for Omen Fortnite Mobile Clan, Grant is also known as, Gamer. Over 290,000 people have subscribed to his YouTube channel dedicated to video games.

Grant is an American citizen. To Gary Vaynerchuk, he wrote an Instagram post thanking him.


A kid named Grant the Goat was born on February 11th, 2003 in Barrington, Illinois to an unnamed couple. Gamers may recognize him from his Fortnite mobile streams and Omen Fortnite Mobile Clan content. More than 340,000 people follow his YouTube channel dedicated to gaming content.

He thanked Gary Vaynerchuk by posting a thank you note on Instagram. His YouTube channel was created in October of last year. His channel’s oldest stream was from April 7, 2018, and it was still available to watch. He’s a well-known YouTuber, according to one of the bios on the site.

On the list of famous people born on February 11th, 2003, he has earned a spot. When he was born in Illinois, he became one of the wealthiest YouTube stars.

In addition, he’s one of the most well-known YouTube stars. Grant the Goat is a 16-year-old famous person in our database.

Early Life

Gary the Goat Net Worth

After purchasing a case of beer in Gingin, Western Australia, in December 2011, Grant the Goat was purchased by Jimbo Bazoobi and the pair began a tour of Australia. An admirer offered to trade Bazoobi the goat to “make the goat real” at the time he was selling goat t-shirts.

As a children’s party clown in the 1990s, Jimbo Bazoobi moved to stand-up comedy and has performed at over 435 venues in Australia alone since 2004, as well as many other international venues.

Jimbo Bazoobi His best friend Gary was there for many of them. When he was unable to obtain a green card for the United States after a one-year stint working at a theme park in Japan, Bazoobi met his Japanese partner, with whom he had two children in 2016.

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Grant the Goat Net Worth

Gary the Goat Net Worth

Grant Depending on how you calculate it, the Goat has a net worth ranging anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. He’s made so much money from his primary job as a YouTube sensation.

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Grant the Goat Dating


Personal and romantic affairs are kept out of Grant the Goat’s reach. We’ll be updating this page frequently with new information about our relationship.

Gary the Goat Net Worth

Look back at Grant the Goat’s previous relationships, ex-girlfriends, and previous filings. Grant the Goat is reluctant to discuss his own marital history or his recent split.



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