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What is carryminati net worth? How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!


It’s estimated that Carryminati has a net worth of $4 million. It was on June 12th, 1999, when Ajey Nagar was born in Faridabad. His YouTube channel has almost 28 million subscribers who are actively watching his videos. Ajey Nagar’s total wealth would leave you in awe. Faridabad is where he calls home. He’s made a fortune on YouTube by making people laugh and selling his videos for millions of dollars. Carryminati’s net worth will be known in 2022.

The Profession of Carryminati (Ajey Nagar)

carryminati net worth



Ajey Nagar was born in Faridabad, a suburb of Delhi, on June 12, 1999. Ajey Nagar grew up in a middle-class household before moving out. As a result, his internet service at home was abysmal. Because of this, he used to just post YouTube videos. The first person to begin roasting in India was Carryminati (Ajey Nagar). Ajey Nagar’s success prompted a slew of other YouTubers to follow in his footsteps, and many of them are now flourishing.

Ajey Nagar has two YouTube channels. On one channel, he posts regular videos, but on the other, the posts videos that make people chuckle. Carryminati’s YouTube vs. Tiktok video has broken numerous records. carryminati gained an additional 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel within a few days as a result of this video. However, YouTube has taken down this video. Fans of Carryminati will be devastated by this news.

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What is CarryMinati’s salary?

carryminati net worth


$1.76 million a year is CarryMinati’s projected annual income

CarryMinati’s income is frequently inquired about by fans.

YouTube channel CarryMinati receives more than 979.32 million views every day.

Every 1,000 views of a video on an ad-supported channel results in a monetary reward. YouTube channels often make between $3 and $7 per thousand views. CarryMinati makes $117.52 thousand a month, or $1.76 million a year, based on these estimations.

A low estimate of $1.76 million years is possible. This company may theoretically make over $3.17 million per year if all goes according to plan.

In reality, most YouTuber channels don’t make all of their money from one source. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements can all bring in significantly more money than ads alone.

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Personal and early life

CarryMinati’s’ true name is Ajey Nagar and he was born on June 12th of 1999 in the Indian city of Faridabad, a big satellite of New Delhi, the capital. As a Gurjar, he is related to his brother. His parents allowed him to skip a year of schooling in the 12th grade because of his fear of failing his economics exam in the Class XII Board exams. Later, he used distance learning to finish his secondary education.

His interest in video games arose as a result of his purchase of a PS3, as he had previously played football till the eighth grade. He was obese as a teen and was forced to lose weight as a result of health issues to go back to a healthy weight. His studio is located in a separate wing of his Faridabad home.


CarryMinati is currently single and devoted to his professional goals. He has a deep passion for his work and is devoted to it. All the best to him in the future!


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