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Bret Hart Net Worth: American Professional Wrestler Income, Awards and Other Updates!


In addition to writing, Bret is also a former professional wrestler and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. The WWE has signed him to a Legends contract.

At Ernest Manning High School, he even wrestled, and his wrestling family has a long history of competing in wrestling.

For his signature rig attire and sunglasses, he was dubbed the Pink and Black Attack by fans and admirers alike.

In 1978, Bret Hart made his professional wrestling debut. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was a champion and well-known wrestler in the WWF World Wrestling Federation, later known as WWE.

Early Life

Bret Hart was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the eighth child of wrestling patriarch Stu Hart and his wife Helen.

Greek and Irish ancestry can be traced back to his maternal grandmother and his maternal grandfather, respectively.

There was some Scottish and English in there as well, but he was primarily of Ulster-Scots descent. Because his mother Helen was born in New York, Hart holds Canadian and American citizenship.

Bret Hart Net Worth

As far as he is concerned, Hart is a North American, and he is equally proud of both his American and Canadian citizenship. Harry Smith, a long-distance runner, was his paternal grandfather.

When Hart was just four years old, he was hired by Stampede Wrestling to pull lucky numbers from a metal box during intermission.

As he grew older, he joined his seven older brothers in selling programs for the shows. He and his younger brother Ross would often go head-to-head for customers because of the fans’ preference for buying from the youngest member of the Hart family.


In 1976, after joining Stampede Wrestling as a referee, Bret Hart began his professional wrestling career. His father, Stu Hart, was the man behind the promotion.

In 1978, he made his pro wrestling debut and went on to have a meteoric rise in the WWF in the years that followed. The infamous “Montreal Screwjob” and the gold are just a few of his many notable achievements while working for the company.

Bret Hart Net Worth

From the 1970s to the present day, Hart has won 32 championships: 17 in WWF/WWE and WCW. Hart held the WWF championship for 654 days, winning it five times.

For the first time in WCW history, a heavyweight champion has been crowned who was born outside the United States.

Ric Flair was forced to submit to Hart’s finisher as he won his first WWE Championship in Canada. Two World Tag Team Championships went to the Hart Foundation.

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Bret Hart’s Net Worth

An estimated $7 million in net worth belongs to the late professional wrestler-turned-writer-actor, Bret Hart. As a professional wrestler, Bret Hart built up a substantial fortune.

Additionally, he is known for his autobiography, weekly column, and numerous television appearances and roles. A concussion forced Hart’s retirement in 2000.

He now appears in the WWE on a limited basis. During his career, The Hitman was a three-time Wrestlemania headliner.

Bret Hart Net Worth

Five times he has held the WWF Championship, and twice he has held the WCW Champion. From 1991 to 2004, Hart wrote a weekly column for the Calgary Sun.

In 2007, he published an autobiography. Some of his other roles include those on The Simpsons, Lonesome Dove, and the Sinbad series. The Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League are part of his ownership group.

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Personal Life

Bret Hart has been married to three different women over the course of his career. After marrying Julie Smadu Hart in 1982, he and Julie were together until 2002.

Dallas Hart, Blade Hart, Jade Lambros, and Alexandra Sabina Hart are their four children. Cinzia Rota, his second wife, died in 2004 after a brief marriage of only two years.

Bret Hart Net Worth

He married Stephanie Washington, his third wife, in 2010 and they are still together.

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