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What Is Bert Kreischer Net Worth? Salary, Income, Bio & Career!


He was born on November 3rd, 1972, in Tampa, Florida, to parents Albert Kreischer, Jr. and Barbara Kreischer, and was named Bert. When they were kids, Al was a real estate lawyer and Gege worked in early childhood development.Bert went to Jesuit High School in high school. Graduated from Florida State University in English with an Alpha Tau Omega fraternity membership and went on to study at Columbia University in New York.

In 1997, “The Princeton Review” ranked Florida State University as the number one “party school” in the US, and he was a student there for his sixth year.After publishing a six-page story on Bert Kreischer titled “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate,” the magazine “Rolling Stone” labeled him “the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country.”

Early life

He was born on November 3, 1972, in St. Petersburg, Florida, and raised in Tampa. In addition to his father being a real estate lawyer, his mother also worked as a child development specialist. His high school was a private Jesuit institution, and then he transferred to Florida State (FSU). He was an English major and a member of the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega.

Net worth

bert kreischer net worth

According to some estimations, Bert Kreischer’s net worth is $5 million. A successful stand-up comedy career has helped Bert Kreischer acquire a sizable fortune over the years, making him one of the wealthiest persons in the world at the age of 48.
With the help of his website and products as well as his enormous Instagram following, he earns $1,500 for every sponsored Instagram post.

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bert kreischer net worth

Kreischer moved to New York City after a recording of one of his shows was sent to a talent agency. He was the doorman of Boston Comedy Club, which has since closed down.Five months after moving to New York City to pursue a career in comedy, Kreischer was offered a sitcom deal by Will Smith’s Production Company.

When he was featured on Bert the Conqueror, he went to amusement parks and other entertainment venues across the United States to experience spectacular rides and activities. In 2001, he also appeared in the television pilot based on the life of David J. Nash.

For example, he was nicknamed “The Machine” for his prowess with machines and for helping the Russian mafia in their train-robbery plot during a college trip to the country.He has been on Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan. He appeared frequently on Rachael Ray’s show from 2011 to 2015. Shorties Watchin’ Shorties, Comedy Central’s animated series, featured one of his works in 2004.

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Personal Life

Since their December 2003 wedding to LeeAnn Kemp, Bert and LeeAnn have welcomed two children, Georgia (born in 2004) and Ila (born in 2005). (born in 2006). LeeAnn broadcasts the podcast “Wife of the Party” from Bert’s man cave in Los Angeles. Were it not for “Kreischer’s response when he was asked to define himself as “fatherly” was, “Selfish. Mediocre. Loving. There are some dads who do a fantastic job. Some fathers are like that.” Because LeeAnn isn’t religious, Bert and LeeAnn aren’t religiously rearing their children, even though Bert grew up Catholic.


Success can seem elusive at times, but with the correct attitude and dedication, anything is possible. He didn’t let the fact that he had to attend FSU for six years make him feel overwhelmed or disappointed; instead, he used it to his advantage. In the end, he was featured in Rolling Stone because he stayed loyal to his happy, hilarious self.

Kreischer’s meteoric climb to stardom might have been stunted if not for an article in Rolling Stone that piqued the interest of executives. People who are renowned and wealthy often have to work hard and have a lot of talent to get there. Bert Kreischer’s success can be attributed in part to his commitment to hard work and a firm commitment to his own values.

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