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What is Arin Hanson Net Worth? How Much Has This Person Made In 2022!


Arin Hanson is an American YouTuber, voice actor, cartoonist, gamer, and comedian best known for co-founding and starring in the YouTube Let’s Play web series “Game Grumps.”

He earns $2.5 million every year from his YouTube channel views. His monthly salary is $366.67k, and he earns $4.4 million per year from his second job and YouTubing. His net worth is $2 million as of the 2022 update

Personal Information:

Real Name Arin Joseph Hanson
Popular Name Arin Hanson
Date of Birth January 6, 1987
Birthplace Margate, Florida
Gender Male
Age 34
Height 1.88 meters
Spouse Suzy Berhow
Children No
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Net worth $2.5 million

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Hanson Arin Early Life and Childhood

arin hanson net worth

Arin Hanson was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on January 6, 1987. Arin Joseph Hanson is his given name. Llоуd Anon, his father, is a musician and writer. Arin’s mother, Aurette Anon, runs a charitable organization called “Eаlng оrе hеrару еntrе” that aids victims suffering from emotional, physical, and psychological problems.

Arin Hanson is from a wealthy family. Nate Hanson, his older brother, is a pilot. Arin and his brother are very close. He also has a celebrity best friend named Jon Jafari.

Arin Hanson attended Wellington High School but was expelled in the middle of his senior year owing to a school-imposed restriction. His mother encouraged him to prioritize his voice acting career over his education. He relocated to California from Florida in July 2009. He began his career as a voice actor in Los Angeles.

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 Career and Achievements

On his eponymous YouTube channel, Hanson goes under the moniker “Egoraptor.” This channel features the “Awesome Series,” He imitates major video game franchises such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and others.

Arin has also created a number of animations for the Newgrounds animated video game series. These were released on February 23, 2016, and received a resounding favorable response from the Newgrounds community, prompting MTV to take notice and offer him the chance to produce a similar style for a new animation show called “G-Hole.”

He operates the website Old Farts and Guitars, where he discusses his past and creates music and other videos. He also collaborated with Esquire Bob, best known for his series Eddsworld, and the late Edd Gould, who was familiar with him because of the popular webcomic “Cyanides Luck,” which he created and co-wrote.

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Personal Life

Arin Hanson resides in Glendale, California, with his wife Suzanne Berhow. The couple first met at a convention in 2002 and began dating a few years later. Arin Hanson proposed to Suzanne in 2011. They decided to marry in 2013.

Berhow also runs the ‘Kitty Kat Gaming YouTube channel. Hanson’s mother is the founder of the Healing Horse Therapy Center, a non-profit organization. Hanson has previously sponsored a number of charity events to benefit the Healing Horse Therapy Center.

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Arin Hanson’s Net Worth

Arin Hanson is a well-known Internet personality from the United States. He has worked on a variety of animation and voice acting projects. Arin began his career as a YouTuber, where he excelled.

He did not, however, stop at YouTube videos. Arin has appeared in a number of parodies based on video games.

He has also produced a Web Series and lent his voice to a number of shows and video games. All of these endeavors have brought him a great deal of fame and fortune. Arin Hanson’s net worth is $2.5 million in 2022.

How does Arin Hanson make money?

Arin Hanson is talented in many ways. He is both an animator and a voice actor. Arin has a large fan base on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

In addition to his regular duties, Arin has an online store where he sells products to his admirers and followers. The following are some of his diverse works:

  • Animations
  • As a voice actor,
  • YouTube revenue
  • Selling items from an internet store
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