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Give your butt a break while gaming with one of these dedicated gaming chairs. (Photo: )

A chair just for gaming? We know it sounds weird, but believe us, it’s one of the hottest things you can buy for your home theater, den or play room. They’re comfortable enough to sit in for long marathon sessions of Fortnite or Minecraft, and grownup-looking enough that you can even consider putting on in your home office. Right now Walmart has a slew of chairs on sale for all sorts of gaming experiences, from console to PC, starting at $40.

Still looking for a PlayStation 5 this winter? If you didn’t score one over the holidays, we’ve got a great tip for you: Walmart puts some units aside for Walmart+ customers, meaning you get first dibs if you subscribe! Walmart+ is only $13 a month, or $98 a year, and you get two free weeks to start. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to be out of that free trial period to access the special members-only sale, but it’s better than paying eBay prices.

Best chairs for PC gamers looking for ergonomic comfort 

Save $90 with the GTPLAYER 2022 Gaming Chair

This curvy chair is one comfortable way to up your game. (Photo: GTRACING)

This curvy gaming chair is one comfortable way to up your game. (Photo: GTRACING)

If you need something snuggly that’ll also massage your back, this new vibrating GTPLAYER gaming chair is heavily cushioned, with rounded armrests. It features an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow for lower back support and a footrest for when you just want to kick back and relax between matches (or sneak in a nap, perhaps)? This premium gaming seat would normally run you $200 but right now it’s $90 off at Walmart, only $110 for the black and white version (other colors cost $130 and up).

One mom says “This was a gift and has held up to teenage boy abuse for over a month now. Happy with this purchase. A little pricy but the features helped outweigh that.” Hopefully the huge discount will make it all even out!

$110 $200 at Walmart

Get $60 off the GTRACING 2022 Gaming Chair

This chair looks impressive, but it feels even better. (Photo: GTRACING)

This chair looks impressive, but it feels even better. (Photo: GTRACING)

Playing for hours and hours doesn’t have to wreak havoc on a gamer’s posture, not when you have one of these GTRACING gaming chairs. It comes with an adjustable headrest and a lumbar pillow, so you can fully customize the chair for gamers of any height, age and weight (up to 300 pounds). The polyurethane leather covering is easy to wipe down and keep clean, too. The chair comes in a wide variety of colors but right now you can snag the cool red and black version for only $120, a $50 savings!

Shoppers love this chair, with one saying it’s “really easy to assemble and also looks nice. I like the color scheme and the high quality feeling and look […] The chair also reclines, which is a nice feature of the chair. The pillows also feel nice, and so does the leg rest. I like how you can fold it in and tuck it under the chair, so it doesn’t get in the way all the time. Good chair! 10/10 would recommend.” 

$120 $180 at Walmart

Save 55 percent on the Techni Mobili Kid’s Gaming and Student Racer Chair

Kids will love having a gaming chair of their own. (Photo: Techni Mobili)

Kids will love having a gaming chair of their own. (Photo: Techni Mobili)

Kids don’t need a giant imperial throne from which to do their gaming, but it helps to get them something a bit more comfortable than a standard desk chair for when they play Genshin Impact or Roblox. This affordable chair from Techni Mobili is a basic chair with a racer-style design and comfortable head and back support. It’s also a lot less severe-looking than many gaming chairs, making it a perfect addition to a play room. Right now it’s only $85, a huge $105 discount.

One parent says it’s “perfect for my gaming-geek son. He loves the colors and the comfort. Uses it all the time. Even will carry it up and down stairs to use it.” And another calls it the “perfect chair for my 9 year old! I got it for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!” This is a great buy for kids under 10 who will likely fit in this better than an adult-sized version!

$85 $190 at Walmart

Best for playing on gaming consoles

Grab the The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair for only $40

This chair straddles the line between cute and cool. (Photo: The Crew)

This chair straddles the line between cute and cool. (Photo: The Crew)

Gamer chairs don’t all have to be massive high-backed numbers with wheels and armrests. They can be smaller and sleeker like this rocker chair for the floor. The faux leather is easy to clean, making this a great choice for play rooms or teens’ rooms — spilled soda and crumbs won’t be a problem! It comes in four color schemes so it can match your collection of gamer gear. At only $40, you can grab more than one for your next multiplayer session!

With over 1,700 five-star reviews on Walmart, this chair is well-liked by gamers (and parents of gamers). One mom says “My son’s 14 years old and loves it. It’s comfortable and better for his back, he was always laying down on his bed. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.” And this parent says that “they last if [they’re] taken care of. The first one we got my son stood in and rocked back on forth hanging on to the back and eventually it broke.. we got two more of them […] Those lasted a couple of years and would have lasted longer if my son didn’t fall into his old habit of standing in the seat. If you use them correctly they should last a long time.” Sounds like a hit!

$40 $55 at Walmart

Curl up in a ACEssentials Gaming Bean Bag Chair for only $41

Bean bag chairs don't always have to be shapeless. (Photo: ACEssentials)

Bean bag chairs don’t always have to be shapeless. (Photo: ACEssentials)

Maybe you need a better chair for gaming, but you want one that doesn’t scream gaming. This bean bag chair is a soft, understated compromise that will keep your butt comfy during long play sessions on the Xbox or PlayStation but it’s also great for playing games on a phone, a handheld console like the Nintendo Switch, or even reading a book (on Kindle or in paper). At only $43, it doesn’t break the bank, either, so you might as well invest in a pair of them for your den.

One grandmother says it was a hit: “My grandson loves his chair and uses it often while playing games.” Same goes for this grandparent, who calls it a “Great chair, just right for 6-year-old granddaughter. She loves it and the stuffing is full in this chair.” Comfortable and portable? Sounds ideal for a playroom!

$43 at Walmart

Save 50 percent on the Lowestbest Floor Gaming Chair

Sit back and relax with this expansive floor chair. (Photo: Lowestbest)

Sit back and relax with this expansive floor chair. (Photo: Lowestbest)

If you want a floor chair, but still want some of the advantages of a desk chair (like armrests), this attractive model from Lowestbest is well, best. It’s also affordable right now since it’s discounted by 50 percent to $101. This 25-inch tall chair comes in three appealing color schemes — blue, brown or red — so it’s sure to match your decor!

One shopper says, “My 12 year old son uses this to watch tv and to play his Xbox. He loves it. Swivels beautifully, very comfortable and great quality.” This is great for PlayStation and Switch gamers as well!

$101 $202 at Walmart

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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